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Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country


Setting the standard in outdoor television for over a decade is Mossy Oak’s Hunting The Country. According to Mossy Oak’s Kevin Tate, since being launched in 1996, the series has remained one of the most popular outdoor programs on television.

“At Mossy Oak, we believe a hunt’s memories far outweigh its measurements, and our television presence stands firm in communicating that message. We are about sharing the spirit of traditions and following the hunting instinct that abides in us all. Our stories resonate with viewers from every walk of life because the people who live them are real. Whether they’re improving the land or improving their skills, reaching out for new experiences or sharing the desire that drives them on the inside, their stories and ours are the same. Honestly, no matter what part of the nation our viewers call home, we’re all on common ground.

“This week on Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country we’ll follow Toxey Haas and his sons to south Florida for an Osceola turkey hunting adventure you’ll have to see to believe.”

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