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Give Them What They Need

TreePaks_llWhen you stare at a towering oak what do you see? Aside from beauty and strength, you should see a tree that delivers a vital food source to your deer herd. However, as trees grow and withstand the tests of time, we tend to ignore them a bit. We take those monster trees for granted and just expect them to leaf out every year and do what they’ve always done. The truth is, these trees shouldn’t be ignored. Mature producing oaks need fertilizer and BioLogic’s Tree-Paks are just the ticket. 

Specifically formulated for mast-producing trees, these Tree-Paks have a 5-10-15 formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The Tree-Paks provide a simple way to give trees everything they need in a matter of minutes. 

Start by pacing off the circumference around a given tree’s canopy in yards. Then, open your bag of Tree-Paks and start dropping packets on the ground every yard around the tree’s entire circumference. When you’re done you should have a ring of Tree-Paks on the ground. Next, insert a shovel into the earth in front of each packet, lift up on the shovel and insert the Pak under the dislodged earth. Doing this will help your mature oaks stay healthy and produce more oaks for your deer herd.

The Mossy Oak GameKeepers share the belief that being outdoors is about loving the land, its wildlife, and giving back more than you take. For more articles and information about managing land for wildlife, please visit

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