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Hunting the Country Enters Its 20th Year On Air


2015 marks Mossy Oak’s twentieth season of “Hunting the Country,” currently airing on Outdoor Channel. 

Mossy Oak launched the first regular television broadcast 20 years ago this fall when Mossy Oak’s “Hunting the Country” made its debut in prime time on The Nashville Network, TNN. Over the years it’s been Mossy Oak’s flagship vehicle for sharing the best of the excitement and emotion the great outdoors has to offer. In that time, the stable of video productions under the Mossy Oak banner has grown and changed, but commitment to the brand has never wavered, and “Hunting the Country” continues to tell tales of the outdoors lifestyle.

“No one at Mossy Oak knew 20 years ago when we aired our first episode of ‘Hunting the Country’ on TNN we’d still be doing that 20 years later,” Mossy Oak Senior Vice President Ronnie Strickland said. “It’s something we’re very, very proud of. We’re proud of the way we’ve presented ‘Hunting the Country’ and paid close attention to the habitat and to the critters, and to hunters and the role they play in the environment. We’re also proud of the way we tell stories. We know we focus on more than just the kill. It’s not just about the kill, it’s about the hunt, the adventure and the effort. In the end, that’s what really matters.”

Through the vehicle the series provides, “Hunting the Country” shares time in the field with hunters from every walk of life. The passionate pursuit of critters forms the backdrop for stories that capture imagination, stories that come more often from the lives of the hunters themselves than anywhere else. Through “Hunting the Country,” you get a glimpse of how fellow hunters define their share of the freedom hunters and outdoors enthusiasts enjoy. Learn the different ways hunters are living their own best lives outdoors and, ultimately, see how firmly passionate outdoors people all stand on common ground.

Mossy Oak’s “Hunting the Country” can be seen on Outdoor Channel Tuesday nights at 5 and 9 eastern, all year long. For more information or to view clips from the show, go here.

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