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GameKeepers’ Dove Hunting Tips

youth dove hunting

The Importance of Movement

Bobby Cole


A good dove shoot is so much fun. Some shoots have so many birds. It doesn’t matter if you move, you’re going to get opportunities. However, some shoots have fewer birds, and a hunter that conceals himself will have more shots. It could be the difference in getting a limit of birds. 

When they start flying, try to stand. Stand as still as possible, with your face down but where you can still see. Lack of movement is the key. I love to wear Mossy Oak Bottomland; I feel like it matches the bare dirt. I honestly believe it helps. Camo up, stand still and keep a watchful eye. Be sure and whistle at your neighbors when they have birds approaching and hopefully they will do the same for you.   

Enjoy the day and pick up your empties.

Dove Hunting Accessories

Tony Rosetti



Being prepared and having everything ready before you go into the filed can sometimes make a big difference on a successful dove hunt. You don’t want to start out 5 minutes before you’re ready to go, grab a bag and hope you have everything. 

Here are a few items we like to have on our pre-hunt check list:

Be prepared just like you would for anything else. Get some good camo, make sure all of your gear is ready and your gun is clean. Be safe and have fun hunting.

Why People Miss

Tony Rosetti



The number one reason why most people miss is by shooting behind the target. The advice my dad gave me as a young man is to shoot where they are going and not where they have been. With the “swing through” method you swing with and through the bird. As soon as you see daylight between your barrel and the bird you want to pull the trigger but do not stop your gun. Your swing has to keep going forward after you pull the trigger. If you slow down, the bird doesn’t. As soon as you start to slow down a little bit you are behind. Always be in front of the bird. Rarely have I ever seen anybody miss a bird by shooting too far in front of them. Going to a good shooting facility and practicing will always enhance your ability to shoot a flying bird. Remember to practice all year long not just a week before the season opener.

Spacing On A Dove Shoot



To stay safe on a dove shoot we recommend at least 75-100 yards between each shooter.

Dove Field Safety

Tony Rosetti



Always remember, safety in the field is the most important aspect of hunting. I’ve been in fields where the gun might be sitting in someone’s lap pointing toward another hunter in a stand 50 yards away. This can create a situation that is waiting on an accident. You always need to be safety conscious of where your gun is pointing. It is very easy to keep your gun pointed straight up while sitting in the field. This will eliminate any accidental firing from ever hitting anyone. When in the shooting position, always keep the barrel of the gun pointed above the tree line.  If you point below the tree line, you could easily shoot and hurt a fellow dove hunter. Remember to be safe and have a great day in the field.

Over and Under



An over and under is so much fun to shoot. It is also one of the safest shotguns around.

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