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Drury Outdoors Reaches Consumers Where They Are

The world of outdoors communication has changed. More people are going to the web for hunting and conservation information. Matt Drury, General Manager for Drury Outdoors and son of Terry Drury, shares how the company has embraced the new ways of communicating to the outdoors consumer.

Matt Drury

Matt Drury

For the past five or six years, we've seen a tremendous spike in the number of people coming to the Drury Outdoors website from our social media platforms. We began to wonder what we could and should do to reach more of the people interested in Drury Outdoors, Mossy Oak and the rest of our partners. We’re trying to take the TV model that we created for our TV show and retrofit that model to play on social media. We now have 1.5 million new followers across our social media platforms, and we’re getting an incredible number of views each week. 

Today, we have four full time editors working with us to create content for social media. Taylor (Drury) and Leah Fisher, in our studio, do all of the posting for social media. We now have an aggressive posting schedule to get more new content on our social media platforms than we've ever had in the past. For instance, last year, Drury Outdoors teamed up with over 20 partners in the industry to create original content just for digital consumption!

The number of new pieces of content available for our consumers depends on the time of the year. During the fall and winter months when hunting season is in, we’ll have five or six original videos every week on our YouTube Channel. Those videos get distributed throughout our social media accounts from there, in addition to the heavy posting schedule Taylor and Leah hit each week across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The hunting season that’s in, the time of year, and the interest level of our fans on social media at that time of year determines how much content we’ll put up each week. 

If you go to the Drury Outdoors Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, you can find our new content on those social media platforms. 

Mossy Oak is a long time partner of Drury Outdoors and has also embraced the fast-growing, digital communications trend. Capture Productions was established in 2017 with its first digital series "The Obsessed." In November 2017, Mossy Oak launched this restructured website, to serve consumers the content that interests them. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, Mossy Oak meets consumers where they already are. 

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