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Taylor Drury Helps Reach Potential Female Hunters

The world of outdoors communication has changed. More people are going to the web for hunting and conservation information. Matt Drury, General Manager for Drury Outdoors and son of Terry Drury, shares how the company has embraced the new ways of communicating to the outdoors consumer.

Matt Drury

Taylor Drury

I'm 37, and Taylor is 22. The number of new people coming into the hunting industry has dropped drastically. We spend a lot of time and energy discussing how we can bring younger demographics into hunting or keep current hunters active. 

Both Taylor and I enjoy being in front of the camera. Taylor helps introduce younger women to the sport of hunting. Even though she’s only 22 years old, she’s been hunting all of her life. She’s a very good hunter, and she’s accepted in the hunting lifestyle. She’s not just a pretty young girl who has had opportunities to take older-age-class bucks. She’s credible. Taylor has been in videos and on TV ever since she was 3 years old. Many consumers have watched her grow up on television and on social media. She’s a role model for young women who are on the fence about whether they want to become hunters or not. 

Tiffany Lakosky, Nicole Reeve, Vickie Cianciarulo and Eva Shockey have helped pave the way for women to come into hunting. We believe Taylor is an extension of how they’ve already paved the way for women coming into hunting. They're all trying to let young women know that it’s okay to be a hunter and get into hunting. Because Taylor is such a good hunter, she’s also showing young guys that taking their girlfriends, fiancés or wives hunting with them is okay, and they will possibly enjoy hunting just like Taylor does. We believe that Taylor is a very good asset not only for Drury Outdoors but also for bringing young women and young men into the sport of hunting. Taylor proves that it can be cool to go hunting, and that hunting can be fun. 

Taylor also shows that she knows how to skin out a deer or any other animal, cut that animal up and cook the meat. Taylor is not trying to say, “Look at me, I'm trophy hunting.” She wants to show young women and young men how to prepare and cook the animals they take, provide food for their families and reduce the price of their groceries.  

Taylor also has a huge social media following outside of Drury Outdoors. So, she can be a role model for young women and young men and demonstrate more inclusion for those ages in hunting TV, videos and social media. Ultimately, we hope she will help bring new hunters into our sport. 

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