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Alaska Guide Creations Bino Packs and Accessories Available in Mossy Oak Camo

Mossy Oak teams up with Alaska Guide Creations to bring outdoor enthusiasts binocular packs in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Bottomland. The packs are available immediately and are being offered in a variety of styles.

Alaska Guide Creations is the manufacturer of the Original Binocular Pack. The first pack was designed by founder Jaret Owens in the 1970s; Owens wanted a more durable, versatile bino pack to use while guiding in Alaska and the product line took off from that moment. Owens’ ingenuity has revolutionized the way hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike protect and carry their binoculars. Today, Alaska Guide Creations offers a wide range of options to suit the customer’s particular needs.

The Alaska Classic offers the classic design features of the original binocular harness chest pack Jaret developed 40+ years ago with today’s modern advancements in innovation and durability. This model is considered the mid-size line and is meant to accommodate full-size binoculars up to around 50mm objective lenses. For example, most binoculars with 42 mm and 50 mm objectives would fit perfectly into the Classic. Main compartment measurements are approximately 6.75-inch tall x 6.5-inch wide x 3.5 inches deep. Front compartment measurements are approximately 4.5-inch tall x 6-inch wide x 1.5 inches deep. Side compartment measurements are approximately 2.5-inch wide x 1 inch deep. Rear compartment measurements are 7-inch tall x 6.5 inches wide “flat.”

Alaska Guide Creations Alaska Classic HBS with M.A.X. Pocket Mossy Oak Bottomland

The M.A.X. pocket option adds one additional pocket at the bottom of the pack that is about 1 inch tall and is the same depth and width as the main compartment.  This pocket is perfect for storing a light pair of gloves, headlamp, knife and blades, or any other small necessities.

Also available is the Kodiak C.U.B. with M.A.X. Pocket, a compact pack meant for 8x42 and 10x42 binos. The Kodiak has an extra pocket in addition to the standard main, front, side, and rear pockets; the pocket is located at the base of the pack and is a 1-inch deep pocket with the same dimensions as the main compartment. This extra pocket is ideal for gloves or a knife. The Kodiak is the perfect integration of simplicity and utility.

Alaska Guide Creations Kodiak C.U.B. Break-Up Country

All packs are shipped with harness and tether systems. The harness features padded shoulder straps and adjustable-length straps. Alaska Guide Creation’s bino packs are available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Bottomland.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, America’s No. 1 Camo Pattern, utilizes dramatically enlarged limbs, leaves, and bark to break up your outline in the fields and woods. It’s a pattern unlike any other before it and works in all types of terrain across the country.

Bottomland is the pattern that launched Mossy Oak more than 30 years ago. Driven by the desire to get closer to turkeys in his home state of Mississippi, Toxey Haas turned a handful of bark, sticks, and leaves into an extremely lifelike hunting pattern, unlike anything the world had seen. Featuring a legendary outline-breaking ability that helps hunters blend into dark hardwoods, flooded timber, and treestand environments, this classic pattern remains every bit as effective three decades later.

MSRP varies by style from $89.99 to $109.99. Bino packs can be found online at

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