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Plant Mossy Oak BioLogic Non-Typical Clover and Clover Plus for Turkeys and Deer


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak BioLogic has a developed a new clover product called Non Typical clover that was heavily researched and is highly preferred by wildlife. Mossy Oak’s long time clover blend, Clover Plus, also has chicory in it. Chicory is a great companion crop with clover, it thrives in hot and dry conditions. Non-Typical Clover is a single variety of clover, and does great in bottomland soils as well as ridge tops with good soils.

Tips for optimum clover production:


  • Clover needs to be mowed, mow when the field is at least at 50% bloom and not drought stressed 
  • Soil sample yearly and add appropriate lime and fertilizer.
  • Use Weed Reaper herbicides to kill competitive weeds
  • Turkeys love to bug and feed in a healthy clover field.
  • Poults use clover heavily because of the bugs that are attracted to the clover blooms. 

Delano_day3If you live in the North or the Midwest, you can plant BioLogic Clover Plus or Non-Typical Clover in the spring or summer. If you live in the southern planting zone, clover will do best in a fall planting when the weather cools and rain is more likely. The fall planted clover will really come out strong the following spring.

I'm often asked, “Why does Mossy Oak call the new Non-Typical Clover – nontypical?” This clover is in the large ladino family of clovers, grows a little taller than other clovers and has a larger leaf. In testing, it proved to be really drought tolerant and have great re-growth characteristics after heavy browsing. Both turkey and deer will feed heavily on this clover throughout most of the year.  

We have some really good tips of how to best manage clovers on our websites

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