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Plant Turkey Gold Chufa for More Turkeys


Editor’s Note: Austin Delano works in Research & Development for Mossy Oak BioLogic as well as wildlife and habitat consulting. 

Chufa is a heavily preferred food source for turkey. BioLogic’s Turkey Gold Chufa helps to feed and hold wild turkeys on your property.

Delano_day2I'm often asked, “What is chufa?” Chufa is very similar to a  nut grass. Like WhistleBack, chufa feeds turkeys not only in the fall and winter months, when they need supplemental feeding the most, but chufa feeds turkeys during the spring as well. Like with the other warm season annuals, we’ll plant chufa during May and June. The south can even plant as late as July. Chufa needs 90 to 100 days of growing time to mature. The chufa plant produces a tuber underground that resembles peanuts. The turkeys dig the chufa plant up to get to that peanut-like growth on the chufa root. Chufa is relatively easy to grow, doesn’t require much fertilization, and grows well in sandy or sandy loam type soils. Throughout the year, turkeys love digging these plants up and eating the chufa tubers.

Chufa has been planted in much of the South for many years. Planting several different plots of chufa at various times through the spring and early summer to have chufa maturing at different times during the fall, the winter and the following spring.  

To learn more about chufa and how to plant it, go to

Use WhistleBack game bird blend this spring/summer for fall and winter food and cover.

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