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How to Boresight a Rifle

Carsie Young

Boresighting a rifle is an easy method used to pre-align your optics to the barrel. This will make zeroing in on your target much easier when at the range. There are several tools out there to help you, but it can also be done very easily with just your eyes. The below four steps should get you on paper and ready for the range.

Before starting, be sure the rifle is unloaded. After unloading, remove the bolt or open the action on a single-shot rifle. You need a clear line of sight down the barrel, so some rifles, such as semi-automatics, cannot be boresighted with this method.

2.Keep Steady
Place the rifle in a steady rest. A rest can be anything form a store-bought rest to a bag of sand as long as the rifle can be secured and doesn’t move.

3.Find a target
Find a small object across the room like a doorknob or mark on a tree, if you’re outside. Look through the barrel and center that object in the barrel.

4.Adjust the scope
Without moving the rifle, adjust the scope so the crosshair is just above the same object. Now you’re ready for the range.

Putting a scope on a rifle and boresighting is not very complicated and can be accomplished with only a few tools. If you are unsure of what you’re doing, a good gunsmith might be your best bet. They should have lots of experience and can probably do it in no time.

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