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Mossy Oak Yazoo Rifle Case in Blaze

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It is getting to be that time when you pull out the rifles and start shooting as part of your prep for hunting season, which is just right around the corner. Your rifle and scope are most likely your greatest investment as it relates to your hunting equipment. Too often I see these really nice rifles in a gun case that is not well constructed. I often scratch my head when I see this. While there are many gun cases to choose from, the Mossy Oak Yazoo 48-inch Scoped Rifle Case is a great option.

The Mossy Oak Yazoo rifle case is made with a rugged, lightweight 100-percent polyester Endura 600D exterior. The Yazoo rifle case showcases the Mossy Oak Logo in the Blaze Orange color pattern.  It is really unique in its appearance but also works hard to protect your 48-inch rifle from scratches and exterior damage. I also like this color pattern from a safety standpoint.  Not only for me but also for my sons when I hunt with them.  This is another visual for other hunters to see as we are walking in and out of the woods.  The Yazoo rifle case has heavy-duty handles making it easy to transport. I also really like the shoulder strap on this case.  It makes it easy and safe to carry your rifle and frees up your hands to be able to carry other items if necessary. Additionally, if you are hunting in rugged terrain, this allows both of your hands to be free to balance yourself and navigate with both hands.  This case has a hook-and-loop closure making it really smooth and easy to open and close.

MOGunCase_llThe Mossy Oak Yazoo Rifle Case in Blaze provides plenty of storage for your rifle needs and scope.  I like the fact that I do not have to struggle to put my Browning 300 short mag and Kahles scope in the case.  It fits snug but not too tight. This Mossy Oak Case is ideal for most 48-inch rifles, with or without a scope. With its convenient size, this hard rifle case is also easy to carry with you on the go or can be simply stored when not in use. The Yazoo Rifle Case is 51 inches high x 10 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep.

Overall, the Mossy Oak Yazoo Rifle Case is a great all around case to store your rifle and transport it in\out of the woods and to your treestand or blind ensuring it is not getting banged up.  The rugged polyester Endura exterior is really nice especially in the South with so much cover, briars and brush that could snag or tear the material. This case is rugged enough to withstand that kind of pressure. Last thing you want is to bump your gun and get your scope off. Additionally, this rifle case is priced very reasonably. At the same time, you are getting a really nice case with a great deal of safety features.  You have spent a lot on your rifle and scope, take time to find a quality gun case to protect this valuable asset so when you have the chance to pull the trigger this fall, your weapon will shoot straight. 

This Mossy Oak gun case is from Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories ( Other great cases from Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories can be found at

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