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DIY Bow Hanger for Ground Blinds

Heath Wood

When hunting out of a ground blind, one of the most common failures that occurs is not knowing where all of your gear is located. Whether it be before daylight trying to fumble through a backpack to find the piece of hunting gear that might be needed or when an animal is approaching quickly, staying organized in the blind is a must.
Mossy Oak’s Cuz Strickland has found a solution with a do-it-yourself bow hanger that is easy to make and costs virtually nothing. Start by taking a small piece of wire or as Cuz does, a welding rod, and use a pair of pliers going down 2 inches from the top of the rod, bend the rod back until it forms a half U shape. Next go down 5 inches and bend the rod back in the opposite position until the rod is in an S or Z shape. After the rod has been shaped, Cuz likes to take black electrical tape and wrap the rod completely until none of the rod is exposed. This not only keeps friction on the rod to avoid slipping when in place, but it also keeps the rod quiet.
Most square-style ground blinds have some type of rods or bracing that cross in the middle to keep the roof of the blind from collapsing. This is also the perfect location to hang the DIY bow hanger. By having the bow hanging in the middle of the blind, it allows for it to be within easy reach when an animal is approaching. Cuz likes to hang 2 or 3 of these hangers in the blind at one time. The first one is for hanging a bow within easy reach while the others are perfect for hanging accessories along the edge or in the corners of the blind such as binoculars, rangefinders, grunt calls and even cover scent. The DIY Hangers allow for easy access to gear when needed. The hangers also allow for more room in the floor of the blind which enables the occupants of the blind to move without stumbling or making unwanted noise when an animal is approaching.


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