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The Multi Weapon Pack by In Sights Hunting features Mossy Oak Camo


The Multi Weapon Pack (MWP) by In Sights Hunting is made to meet all your hunting storage and packing needs. Designed with many hunting pursuits in mind, the MWP has a multitude of applications from the urban archery hunter to long Yukon hunting treks with a rifle and everything in between.

In Sights Hunting has created a new solution to an old problem of storing all your gear and weapons into one hunting multi-weapon backpack. This new archery and rifle hunting pack integrates comfort with innovation and creates a hybrid weapon pack designed for all hunters.

MWP_llThe MWP is constructed from the finest materials available including super-quiet brushed Tricot, and it is designed by real hunters to hunt better than it looks. This pack will make sure you can have your weapons and gear protected and organized on your way to and from the field. 

In Sights Hunting’s MWP features a single major weapon compartment capable of carrying and protecting a wide range of weapons. Large and small compartments will hold all of your gear organized, leaving your hands free on your journey to the stand as well as in and out of your stand. Two large compartments in the front of the pack with built-in mesh organization pockets and dual holsters on the sides are ideal for storing additional gear, quivers and rifles. The adjustable belt with a small zipper compartment on the right side provides easy access to items like a phone or release. The MOLLE attachment system on the left will hold most sidearm holsters with a belt clip. The strap system at the bottom of the pack enables you to bring extra clothes and gear when needed. The Multi Weapon Pack is designed to keep you organized and comfortable during the long day’s hunt.

The MWP is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage and is competitively priced at $149.99. To learn more or purchase, visit

In Sights Hunting is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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