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Gun Safes - Ensuring Your Firearms Are Safe For the Next Generation

Jeremy Duckett

As a responsible gun owner, it is important to think about the future and ensure your firearms will be safe for the next generation. One way to do this is by investing in a high-quality gun safe. Gun safes today are much more sophisticated than they used to be. 

In addition, many gun safes come with features that help protect your weapons from damage. So, if you're looking for a way to keep your firearms safe and in perfect condition for years to come, consider investing in a gun safe!

When it comes to firearms, the top priority for gun owners is safety. Gun safes provide a number of layers of safety for your weapons - from preventing unauthorized access, to keeping them in perfect condition even when not in use. But did you know that gun safes can also help protect your firearms from natural disasters and other unforeseen events? 

storing guns gun safe


In this article, we'll take a look at how gun safes can help ensure the longevity of your firearms - and why they are an important part of responsible gun ownership.

Environmental Benefits of a Gun Safe

Considering the many different types of gun safes on the market, selecting the correct option for your intended use is very important. However, understanding how these solutions can benefit the longevity of your weapon and its ammunition is critical. 

In our lives as hunters and gun enthusiasts, we have had weapons passed down throughout the years. We have all seen the variety of conditions that they can come in. I don’t think there is an individual that wants to be responsible for the degradation of their grandfathers .30-.30. With the current technology available at your fingertips, we now have the best opportunity to keep our family heirlooms in the top shape that prior generations would appreciate. 

The environmental elements that degrade other materials in our lives, from our food to our vehicle, also impact our guns. Gun safes are created specifically to combat these elements. Everyday elements such as light, dust, humidity and moisture, as well as temperature swings can be eliminated or greatly reduced by storing your weapons in a gun safe. 

Light can degrade the finish of some synthetic stocks. While dust can settle into operating levers and slides. Moisture and humidity are the top contributors to the corrosion of metal surfaces. The interior and exterior of barrels can oxidize quickly if not stored properly. The combination of these can create a worse situation. Eliminating temperature swings can also be highly beneficial. Steel expands and contracts as it heats and cools. While gun barrels are designed to withstand this while firing, exposing them to unnecessary elements isn’t considered responsible care. 

Outside of everyday elements, gun safes can protect your weapons from disasters as many of these have very high fire resistance ratings. When properly locked, your weapons, and many other valuables can be stored safely away from extreme temperatures. 

Although theft is not what we would consider an environmental threat, it’s a threat nonetheless. Again, a properly locked gun safe is a great line of defense. 

mossy oak gun safe
Pictured: Walmart 8 Gun RTA Cabinet, $139.00


Safety Benefits of a Gun Safe

As noted in the last paragraph, a gun safe is a very important safety feature for your weapons as well as your family. The first thought is always keeping the weapons safely locked away from the children. This also holds true for robberies. No one wants the firearm registered to them to be used improperly for nefarious reasons. 

These can help you from being sued for poor gun handling and ensure you are compliant with Child Access Prevention laws such as Florida Statute 790.174.

A gun safe can also be a very good place to store other valuables and documents. In the event of a home disaster, not only can these items be kept safe, if they are lost, recovering them through the insurance company can be much easier. 

Choosing the Right Gun Safe for You

In today’s market, there are a variety of gun cases that are available to you. Whether you’re looking to travel, transporting firearms, or storing them long term, the choices are endless. 

When looking for the perfect solution for your particular use, you need to consider the intent for which you plan to use the weapon. You will also want to consider where you will install the gun case. Once it’s in its final resting place, you likely won’t want to move it. Many of these are extremely heavy and not what one would consider mobile. This is for a good reason. The sturdier the better.

A few things to consider when searching for your gun case.


A wide variety of models are available for your current and future situation. From smaller 5-10 gun capacity safes, up to 75-100 gun safes. A side consideration concerning the capacity, the bigger they are the heavier they are. You will need to be sure the location you want it installed can support it. 

Lock Features

Today’s technological advancements provide many different solutions for accessing your weapons. Simple code access panels, fingerprint, palm print, or voice recognition access options are available. These are available in every size combination as well.

Not all safes are created equal. In most cases, the construction will have a direct correlation to the disaster safety features. Preventing impacts from fire, floods, or effects from wind damage, are extremely important for maintaining or regaining your sense of normalcy in these times. Most gun safe vendors will provide you the fire protection level as a main feature.  


In general terms, the better the warranty, the better the product. You will likely find that the greater the degree of features noted above, the longer the warranty will be provided. It’s not without saying that it’s pertinent to understand the fine print and terms of the warranty implied. Is a Lifetime Warranty really “Lifetime?” Maybe so. But, you need to understand it. 
Gun Safe Installation 

Depending on the size and location of your gun safe, consider buying from a vendor that offers installation. These can be extremely heavy and awkward. As noted above, some gun cases come in a 100-gun capacity. If you choose to purchase a 100-gun capacity gun safe with a 120-minute fire rating, these can weigh between 1,500 to 2,600 pounds unloaded.

If you elect not to have the vendor install the unit for you, I would suggest finding some friends. I have personally helped someone install a large safe. There isn’t much room in a home for 4 men to move around while trying to move a 1500 pound chunk of steel. 

Also consider the electrical services needed for your particular unit as well as battery backup needs. You will want any on-board electrical systems to be operational in the event of a power outage. Maintaining access, lighting, and dehumidification are a must. 

Mossy Oak 18 Gun Cabinet, $215.00

Mossy Oak 8 Gun Cabinet, $139.00
In Summary

If you are looking for peace of mind in your life while maintaining your family’s treasures, a gun safe is the perfect conduit. Not only are they a really cool conversation piece, a formidable unit could act as a deterrent. Every solution comes at a price. But for the safety of your family and the weapons we are able to enjoy ownership of, it’s also a necessity. 


To be clear, everything noted above are the best opportunities for ensuring your weapons and firearms stay in top shape for your entire life. However, if you don’t take care of them by cleaning and treating them properly prior to storage, the effects can be extremely detrimental. No gun safe can keep the elements away if they are brought into it. A gun safe is the next step to responsible gun ownership, right after proper education, proper use, and proper cleaning.

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