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4 Ways to Safely Store Guns

James Forrester |

Firearm safety is a serious matter for anyone who is mature about their gun ownership. This is particularly true if you live around small children that might be curious about firearms before they're ready to handle them. But gun protection is also important if you're worried about a burglary. These four methods are each good ways for ensuring gun safety.

gun safe

1. Keep Your Guns in Gun Safes

Gun safes are the most secure method for storing your guns safely. Gun safes are easily the most durable and long-lasting protective places for all types of firearms. They can only open through the use of a combination, key, or digital locking mechanism or through the use of the drill. Needless to say, any possible thieves likely won’t have such a tool ready to go.

You can also bolt a gun safe to a concrete slab for extra protection. This acts as a deterrent to any potential burglars since they won’t be able to move the gun safe even with a dolly or another mechanical weight-lifting assistant.

Gun safes can be purchased in a variety of different sizes and configurations. This allows you to store different sizes of guns in the same safe in an organized manner. Gun safes are also excellent for keeping ammunition in a convenient place near their relevant weaponry.

Tip: Consider getting an affordable gun safe dehumidifier to prevent moisture from corroding and rusting your guns. This will help extend the life of your firearms, and it will also keep them in good shape while they are not being used.


mossy oak gun safe being opened by man

Pictured: Walmart 8 Gun RTA Cabinet, $139.00

2. Keep Them in Gun Cabinets

Steel gun cabinets are another great way to safely store your guns. These aren’t quite as durable as proper gun safes, but they’re still hard to get into and require using a simple locking mechanism to admit anyone inside.

In addition, gun cabinets are oftentimes cheaper than the more expensive gun safe models, so they can be a great choice if you need to consider a budget. Gun cabinets are also light enough to allow for movement from room to room. 

Gun cabinets are best for storing good rifles for other large gun accessories. Many of them have racks or shelves inside to facilitate organized storage. There’s also plenty of space for ammunition in most cases.

3. Use Gun Cases

gun case

Gun cases are smaller than the previous two storage methods. They can be found at most sporting goods stores and come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the gun case that suits your plethora of weaponry the best. Gun cases also come in several different materials that can affect their asking price and durability.

For this reason, gun cases are great for portable gun storage or for keeping ammunition alone. The real main reason to use a gun case is to protect your firearms from physical damage. When inside the case, your firearms are not likely to be harmed from being dropped or from inclement weather. They are not intended to prevent your guns from being stolen by burglars, although they can still act as a significant deterrent with the right lock.

Gun cases are also fairly affordable compared to the other two options. They can be good for purchasing some kind of protection if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on a more durable safe at the moment.

4. Use Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are very simple and affordable. When attached to the trigger of a firearm, these trigger locks simply prevent the trigger from being manipulated and thus being fired. These are most effective for preventing children from accidentally using your firearms and injuring themselves or others.


Overall, the right method to protect your guns depends on your circumstances and budget. Be sure to at least have some kind of protection in place no matter what.

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