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Superior Engineering In PSE DNA


Brian Stephens | Ultimate Bowhunting TV

Today’s bows are arguably the best bowhunters have ever put their hands on. The forgiveness, speed, accuracy, and overall performance have reached new levels. So, which bow do you chose? Well that is up to you.  I would not recommend you buying a bow just based on what you see on TV. Go out and test the bows you are interested in. This review is going to provide you with some background and firsthand experience with the PSE Brand of bows and the new PSE DNA Compound Bow for 2013.

When the Drurys challenged the engineers at PSE to design a lightweight, high performance hunting bow, it seemed impossible. Stripping down a current model or creating a bow that was too expensive for most hunters was not an option. Instead, PSE’s engineers set out to design a bow that was entirely different, all the way down to its DNA. 

Created by using a riser forged out of state-of-the-art, ultra-light and ultra-strong aluminum alloy, the new PSE DNA) weighs in at only 3.7 lbs. It features PSE’s new Center Pull technology that places the arrow in the exact center of the bow for unparalleled tunability and exceptional performance. The amazing new Core cam produces speeds of up to 352 fps, has 5 inches of draw length adjustment on the inner-cam, and is incredibly smooth. The DNA also features the new Centerlock 2 Limb Pockets, FleX Cable Slide, Backstop 2 and all the other features you expect from PSE. 

OK, you have now heard from what PSE and the Drurys have to say about the PSE DNA.  Here is what I have to say based on my usage of PSE Bows over the past four years.  It starts with the Axe 6, which has a short brace height and was a very fast bow. It was not super forgiving, but at that time the fastest bow I have ever shot.  I killed a nice Illinois buck at 40 yards with it.  

Next, was the PSE EVO and this was a great improvement of speed and forgiveness packaged into one bow. I hunted with this bow in Wyoming on an elk hunt and loved the way it performed. 

In my opinion, one of the best bows I had ever used was the PSE Revenge. This is a short axle-to-axle, lightweight bow that still had respectable speeds.  I killed my Turkey Slam with this bow from shooting out of the blind and from the ground.

It would be hard for me to fall in love with another bow more than the Revenge. Well, at the ATA Show this past January, I put my hands on the PSE DNA and it was over. This bow combines so many advancements into one package.  The Riser is improved, ther are new Centerlock Limb Pockets, and I love the new FleX Cable Slide. 

PSEDNA1_llWhat does all of this mean?  It means the DNA will be smoking fast, quiet, easy to tune and will be extremely accurate - all the things you need in the field to get the job done. This does not mean many of the other bows on the market will not perform well. It means that you will be hard pressed to find a bow that is as accurate, forgiving and provides the speeds that the PSE DNA does.

I am a speed freak bowhunter.  Meaning, I want to have as fast a bow as I can have that is still quiet to allow me to deal with any scenario. No matter if I am bowhunting a whitetail and shooting at 20 yards or a monster mule deer in Arizona and taking an 80-yard shot. I need to be 100% confident in my equipment.  Especially, if I am only hunting for 2-3 days. I cannot worry or question if my bow can make the shot.

Let’s start with the accessories I have on my new PSE DNA bow. First, I am using the new QAD HDX fall away arrow rest.  I have used QAD arrow rests for the past 3-4 years and really like the performance I get out of these rests, especially with these fast PSE bows they fall away fast enough so my vanes are not catching the rest upon arrow flight.  I have tried other rests and have been disappointed because my vanes catch part of the rest as it was trying to fall. This negatively impacted my arrow flight.

Next, I am using the Archer Extreme or AXT Carnivore Sight and AXT stabilizer. I love the look of these new AXT accessories but more importantly, the performance I get from these products. These sights are exceptionally well made and designed to ensure precise accuracy. I am using the new AXT stabilizer for the first time this year, but so far I love the feel of my bow as it is shot. It is a bit heavier than the X-Factor stabilizer I used last year, but I am pleased with how it is performing.  I am a huge fan of the X-Factor Bow Stand.  I have used this bow stand for the past year both turkey hunting and hunting out of a treestand. I like it for turkey hunting because my bow is right there in a vertical shooting position.  This means less movement, especially if I am hunting from the ground.

Finally, I am using the new Bloodsport ZVT or Zero Vibration Transfer. When shot, the limbs and string generate an enormous amount of energy. This energy is transferred directly into the bow and shooter. The result is bone-jarring after shocks, poorly performing arrows and game-spooking noise. Unlike all other string dampeners and stops, the BloodSport ZVT eliminates noise and vibration before it is generated.  As the string enters the ZVT brush modules, it travels forward, unencumbered, providing a full power-stroke and top arrow speeds. As the string starts to vibrate and introduce noise, the ZVT’s patent-pending brushes decelerate the string. Gently returning it to rest without producing unwanted noise and vibration.  I can tell you that you will see and hear an immediate reduction in noise in your bow when shot.  To learn more about the new PSE Dream Season DNA Compound bow for 2013 go to

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