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PSE Launches Decree HD and Two New Crossbows


PSE has added an exciting new addition to its 2015 Pro Series line with the Decree HD, an all-in-one bow designed for the shooter that loves range and 3D archery as much as they love to hunt. According to Blake Shelby, VP of Sales and Marketing for PSE, the Decree HD serves a consumer base that has had to compromise for far too long.


"Specialized bows almost always make sacrifices," says Shelby. "Speed bows mean a sacrifice; if you want a deep valley, there is a sacrifice. If you want to hunt, you sacrifice range ability. With the new Decree HD, you don't have to make these sacrifices. PSE has developed an all-around bow that delivers high-performance at all levels."

Featuring a 35" Axle-to-Axle and a 6-1/2" Brace Height, the Decree HD looks to find that sweet spot archers are looking for in a do it all bow, and thanks to PSE's acclaimed HD cam, the Decree HD boasts an 80% let off and shoots a fast-but-smooth 342 fps. The bow is also available in Mossy Oak's brand new Break-Up Country pattern.

Also coming hot on the heels of PSE's ATA announcement of the Decree HD is the news that the Vector 310 and Dream Season RDX 365 crossbows have hit the PSE line. Designed for small-framed archers, the Vector 310 crossbow from PSE is a compact 32" in length, and easy to tune with a two-turn weight adjustment. This compact crossbow also packs some power, firing bolts at up to 310 fps.

For the more experienced crossbow shooter, PSE also is introducing the Dream Season RDX 365. Teaming up with Drury Outdoors, PSE has delivered a field-serviceable crossbow built on an independent machined-aluminum barrel and composite stock for a perfectly balanced, accurate shot. Add to that a 3 lb. trigger and a speed of 365 fps, the Dream Season RDX is a crossbow to be reckoned with for 2015.

"We knew that our crossbow offerings for 2015 needed to be something really special," continued Shelby. "With the compact Vector and precision Dream Season RDX joining the affordable Fang in our crossbow line, we literally have a high-performance crossbow for any customer. I would gladly put our crossbow line up against any other line-up in the market."

According to PSE, the Decree HD, Vector 310, and Dream Season RDX will be available soon, so contact your local PSE dealer for more information, or visit

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