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PSE Dream Season DNA SP

Brian Stephens | 


Picking a hunting compound bow is a big decision and one that should come with a lot of research.  The reality is many of today’s bows are fast, accurate and shoot well. With that said, it all comes with a price tag.  That is why you should take the time to research these bows to make sure they fit YOU.  I have had to opportunity to shoot almost all the different manufactures’ bows on the market today.  I will be the first to say there is not a bad bow out there but there are features that do stand out.  I am going to share some thoughts with you regarding the New PSE Dream Season DNA SP in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity for 2014.

The X-Force bows by PSE have dominated the performance market for the last five years. The efficiencies of PSE's X-Technology limbs continue to produce some of the fastest real-world arrow speeds and devastating penetration for bowhunters.  The problem with an ultra-performance bow is that it requires an extra heavy-duty frame. You just can't stick a spindly lightweight riser into a 350+ fps bow and expect it to survive.  In 2013, PSE developed a new riser that was stronger and required less material in order to yield the strength needed to push such fast IBO speeds. So, the result was a slimmed down riser with overall bow weight of only 3.7lbs.  This new PSE X-Force bow was called the Dream season DNA with real speeds up to 352 fps.

PSEDNA-SP_llIn 2013, I shot the PSE DNA in the Infinity pattern and absolutely loved it.  It was one of my favorite bows I had shot in the past five years.  I loved the combination of speed, and accuracy.  I was able to shoot a number of animals with it from deer to turkeys.  I had a great deal of confidence in that bow based on the way it shot over and over again.  It is very important that you feel very confident in your equipment that when you pick it up it is going to do its job, if you do yours.

Some feedback that came out of this bow was the draw cycle felt a bit harsh and aggressive. PSE took this feedback seriously and developed the new DNA in an SP (smooth pull) special version for 2014. It's almost identical to the 2013 DNA, but the draw stroke is modified to be a little sweeter.  

One of the things you will notice when you shoot a DNA SP is the draw cycle feels less aggressive and notably smoother - particularly during the last few inches gliding back to full draw.   One down side to this change in draw cycle is the DNA SP has lost some speed.  With that said it is only 7 fps if you compare the DNA @ 352 fps and the DNA SP @ 345 fps.  Still, @ 345 fps it is a fast bow for any bowhuter but you have the added benefit of a smoother draw cycle.

The DNA SP is built with the same bulletproof forged riser, upgraded string stop, improved limb pocket, and a flexible cable guard. Plus, this cam system has a sliding draw stop peg - so you can customize the amount of valley you feel at full draw.   Not only is the PSE DNA fast and accurate but also it is durable.  I look back at the previous PSE Bows I have shot and I have put them through some very tough scenarios from rain, mud, dropping them, dragging through the brush and still performing like it never happened.  I suspect the DNA SP will have the same toughness and durability.  

At the end of the day you should consider researching bows and then shooting them at your local pro shop. The majority of the bows today are good but each do have some unique features and benefits.  Find a bow that fits your needs and hunting level.  If you are looking for a bow that produces some really fast real world speeds and is very accurate, then the line of PSE Bows including the new DNA SP in Break-Up Infinity is a great start.  To learn more go to

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