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Shop Affordable and Easily Accessible Turkey Gear at Walmart

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You can get your full head-to-toe turkey hunting outfit at your local Walmart, where it's affordable and easy accessible for most people. These gear options are patterned in Mossy Oak camouflages, so they'll be effective in the woods.

Men's Turkey Hunting Hoodie

mens hoodie

This simple hoodie is a great shed-able option for spring mornings that turn into warm afternoons. 

Long Sleeve Turkey Hunting Tee

camo t shirt

This is a simple, classic, long sleeve tee patterned in Mossy Oak camouflage that'll hide you from the wariest of turkeys. 

Men's Button-down Turkey Hunting Shirt

guide shirt

If you like the feel of a good button-down style shirt when you're turkey hunting, this $20ish dollar shirt is a great option. 

Men's Stretch Cargo Pants

cargo pants

Pants with plenty of deep pockets is pretty important to turkey hunters, and these pants are straightforwardly effective at carrying your gear through the woods and keeping you concealed.

Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves


You can't forget gloves out in the field; your bare hands would be one of the first things a turkey would spot in the woods. These are touchscreen compatible so you can use your phone quickly during hunts. 

Mesh Face Mask

face mask

Lastly, this mesh face mask from Walmart has great coverage while being loose enough to allow you to breathe normally and comfortable. 

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