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New Turkey Gear for Spring 2023

turkey gear 2023

Turkey season 2023 is here. Here's some gear you may have missed last year or is new this year that we recommend. Whether you need a new decoy, a new pot call, a new face mask, or shirt, there'll be something here for you. 

And check out our guide to best turkey guns and ammo for this season.

New Turkey Vests

Nomad Bull Lounger Turkey Vest

vest that is camouflage


This turkey vest is highly adjustable (14 points of adjustment!) so that you can have a perfect fit to distribute the load around your body and not all on your back or shoulders. It also has plenty of specialized pockets for your calls and gear, including one for a Thermacell.

Tethrd x The Hunting Public Turkey Vest

This vest was a big talking point of the NWTF convention. I heard from a lot of people that this vest really impressed them. The predominantly saddle hunting company took two years working with The Hunting Public to make a sweet run-and-gun lightweight vest. This is the result--it's a pretty big launch.

Coming soon!

Nomad Pursuit Convertible Turkey Vest

nomad turkey vest


Another vest from Nomad--they do great work. This one is also a minimalist, run-and-gun design turkey vest that can transform into a fanny pack if you'd like to wear it that way. But basically it's made for the turkey hunter that doesn't carry a bunch of stuff around the woods. A couple of calls, your face mask, gloves, just the essentials.

Mossy Oak Longbeard Elite Vest


turkey vest


Maybe I'm biased. But this is a great vest--I wore it all last year. It was lightweight and had plenty of pockets for all my calls, and gear and whatnot. I would definitely recommend it.

Blocker Outdoors Finisher Pro II Turkey Vest

turkey vest


This vest is pretty versatile, whether you need it for running-and-gunning or for sitting patiently for a silent gobbler to come in. It's got ventilation to keep you cool, plenty of pockets, a wide shoulder design for evenly distributing weight across your whole body, and a rear game bag. This is a new and improved design for the 2023 spring.

Alps Outdoorz Super Elite 4.0 Turkey Vest

alps outdoors vest


This vest has got just about every pocket you might need--22 pockets--and the wide shoulders make any weight evenly distributed across your back and shoulders. It's got a detachable cushion, a game bag, and plenty more where that came from. If you're looking for your future 'ol reliable' then this is that.


New Turkey Decoys/Gear

Avian X Decoys

hen decoy


You can't talk about turkey decoys without saying Avian X. Their hen decoys are extremely realistic, and come in a bunch of different poses, like a feeding hen, a breeding hen, a hen laying down, and more. They're collapsible and come with an easy set up stake so you can get set up quick.

Drury Outdoors Signature Box Call

wooden box call


If you've never heard Mark Drury run a turkey call, you're missing out. He's one of the best of the best. You can just about guarantee anything he puts his name on, turkey wise, is going to be vetted and good quality. 

Thunder Cluck-N-Purr

cluck and purr


This is a pretty cool design for those that want an easy pocket clucker. I've heard only good things.

Zink Signature Series Pack

mouth calls


Here's a pretty sweet combo mouth call pack from Zink. 3-reed, each one a different style. NWTF approved.




These kayaks are SWEET. Kayak fishing has really caught on in the last few years and for good reason. No gas, no trailers needed, and you can get into areas that boats might not be able to access. These Nucanoes decorated in Bottomland or Shadowgrass send them over the edge.

Gobble Stopper Turkey Sight

turkey sight


This center dot scope lets you swap between a green dot and a red dot, whichever you prefer. It also has a pretty cool feature of integrated sunshade to keep any sort of awkward glare off the glass between you and a turkey.

Ameristep Throwdown Blind


ameristep blind

$29.88 (on sale!)

If you need an easy, portable panel blind to throw down in front of you or your kids in the turkey woods, this is a great budget-friendly option. Crazy enough, it only weighs 2 pounds even with the stakes.

Muddy Blinds VS360 Mossy Oak Obsession


muddy blind


If you need a really nice blind for turkeys, here you go. This has 360 degree views and shoot through windows, and it sets up pretty quickly. 

Cooper Hunting Big Tom Ground Blind


Big Tom ground blind


This is a cool set up for a spot and stalk situation. The window pane is configured for several different shooting situations too, and according to the site, this blind can fit two people.

Rolling Thunder Peg Leg Pot Call


peg leg call


This call was pretty popular at this year's NWTF Convention. I heard a lot of talk about this Peg Leg pot call. It sounded pretty good to me, and everyone else seemed to like it, too. It comes with a striker made out of Purple Heart wood.

Nomad Bino Harness


nomad bino harness


This is a good all-around hunting item. But if you want your binos quickly accessible in the turkey woods, here's a good one to keep your hands free.

New Turkey Clothes

Gamehide Emilitick Insect Repellent Ultra Lite Shirt


camo shirt


Clothes that offer insect repellent are pretty great, and they make a lot of sense in the spring turkey woods, especially in the later half of the season. Here's one that's designed to be lightweight and breathable for those hot conditions, too. They make these in a pant, too, and a women's version!

Nomad 1/4 Zip


pursuit jacket


Here's another good lightweight option for when the season gets hot (or has been pushed back a couple of weeks this year.) This one blocks UV rays and has anti-microbial fabric in it to keep it fresh longer.

Aftco Reaper Mossy Oak Sweatshirt


aftco sweatshirt


This hoodie is awesome. Aftco's stuff is already great, but now it's in my favorite pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland. It has a face mask built in, too, which seems like a no-brainer turkey staple. It's made warm for colder season days and has quiet pocket enclosures so you're not struggling to slowly zip a zipper when a gobbler's coming towards you.

Aftco Performance Hoodie


aftco lightweight camo


Here's the lightweight, warmer season version of the sweatshirt above. Built in gaiter, breathable, dries quickly, UPF sun's a pretty great turkey hunting option. And you can keep wearing it when you go fishing!

Blocker Outdoors Finisher Jacket


blocker outdoors jacket


This is another awesome option for colder states or early season mornings. It has micro-fleece material to keep you warm, a water-repellent finish, internal sleeve gaiters (keeps cold, water, and insects out), and a 3 piece adjustable hood. It's been engineered just for the turkey hunter.

Mossy Oak Cotton Mill Flex Pant


greenleaf pants


These are an all-around great hunting pant, and they work great for turkey season. They're your classic cotton camo pants with a little bit of stretch for covering tough terrain. If you're a no-nonsense kind of turkey hunter, these are your pants.

Nomad Leafy Pant


nomad leafy pant


These pants are a great and ultra-realistic option for the turkey woods. They're stretchy, lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable, and the 3D leafy technology blends you in perfectly to a green spring morning.

Tibbee Flex Mesh Mask


face mask


This is all you need in terms of face masks. It's breathable. It's easy to pull up and down. It's adjusts, has full coverage, and even has a silicon nose pad so it doesn't fall down on you. Plus it's a pretty good price!

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