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The BEST Turkey Vests of 2021

turkey vest

Turkey vests are your absolute, number one must-have in the turkey gear world. It is your arsenal, your home-base, and even your seat sometimes. It carries everything you need for the hunt, including your calls, your shells, and sometimes your snacks. It is your “file cabinet,” if you will, for the woods. 

All-day turkey hunters will need more pockets and a seat cushion for their vest. Morning hunters are a bit freer to go more “minimalist” with their gear. Also, you’ll want to pay attention to which vests have large pockets for decoys if you’re bringing one into the woods.

All that being said, now it’s time to review the best options for a turkey hunting gear in 2021. Manufacturers have included the best innovations for vests while maintaining the classic look and feel of an old school vest. Whether you’re shooting turkeys with a gun or a bow, you’ll be ready to take on the adventure in one of these vests.


All available in Mossy Oak camouflage.


mossy oak turkey vest
The Mossy Oak Longbeard Elite Strap Vest was engineered to maximize comfort and functionality. This turkey hunting vest has all of the advanced features that turkey hunters require in a shoulder strap design for minimal contact on the chest and shoulders. It’s constructed from a durable, yet lightweight cotton/poly blended material. 

Features include 14 total pockets for optimum organization of calls and gear, a large, blood-proof game bag large enough for a half strut jake and a hen decoy, and a detachable cushion that can be quickly fastened to your side when on the move. 

It also features two shoulder strap loops for lanyard calls, box call and striker pockets, shell loops, inner zippered pockets, and quick access mesh pockets. And, it’s only 3 pounds, making it a light and easy piece of gear.

These Longbeard Elite Strap vests effectively combines comfort, quality, and convenience for continued success in the spring woods.

Retails for $119.99.


ALPS Outdoorz NWTF Impact Vest

Alps Outdoorz is a company that is known for making practical products that keep the hunter at the forefront when it comes time to design. This is especially true with their new NWTF Impact Vest. This is a versatile, lightweight, sit-anywhere hunting vest with a flip-out seat that is conveniently built into it. The flip seat feature is great because it eliminates the need to carry a cushion when turkey hunting, and the comfort of the seat is great enough that waiting out a tom is a breeze.
The Alps Impact Turkey Vest has numerous pockets for a variety of calls, such as a slate call pocket that can house two slate calls and three strikers, a silent box call pocket, five shotgun shell loops, and three diaphragm call pockets. Everything in this vest is organized so well that a hunter will know exactly where each particular piece of equipment is when it comes time to use it. A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run-and-gun style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use.
The Impact Vest also includes a game bag on the back that can hold a couple of decoys as well as a favorite feature, which is a pocket inside for decoy stakes. Searching for stakes is no longer a time restraint when decoys are being set out. The soft, durable Brushed Tricot fabric reduces noise, and is available in Mossy Oak Obsession. The Impact Vest provides hunters with all of the convenience of a metal-frame vest while remaining lightweight, weighing in at only 3lbs. 15oz.

Retails for $99.99.


Tenzing turkey recliner

With a similar design to the predator pack, hunters can set up anywhere when running and gunning or when a fast set-up is needed, all the while staying completely comfortable. The extendable legs easily store themselves by small hooks on the side of the vest. When the time comes to sit down, a simple pull of the legs is all that is needed and it is ready to be used in the sit-down position. This feature removes the worry and hassle of finding a tree that is big enough to sit in front of.

The TZ TR18 is in a class by itself when it comes to keeping calls, shells, decoys and other critical gear secure, quiet and accessible because of its well-designed individual compartments. The material is a tough fabric that lasts, and best of all, it is Tenzing’s lightest turkey hunting pack/chair ever, weighing only 5.25 pounds. This is the perfect vest whether hunting in timber or open areas. The TZ TR18 is available in Mossy Oak Obsession.

Retails for $199.99.


Nomad turkey vest

Nomad is a time-tested, tried and true brand perfect for any type of hunting. They get their gear right the first time, so you’ll feel safe knowing that this is a quality product.

The Nomad Killin’ Time vest is a turkey hunting MACHINE. This baby comes with 28, that’s right, 28 pockets, including an extra-large game pocket, 4 mesh mouth call pockets, two box call pockets, friction call pockets, internal striker pockets, and a foam storage pocket. 

This vest also includes a removable stadium seat, a must-have for plenty of turkey hunters who expect to spend long hours in the woods.

And get this, it even comes with a stow away morel mushroom sack for when you’re out in the woods and spy a mushroom! That is a feature sure to impress any gear junkie.

Retails for $180.

Time & Motion™ Easy-Rider Turkey Vest

Time and Motion Easy Rider Vest

The Time & Motion™ Easy-Rider Turkey Vest is one of the lightest, easy-to-use vests on the market. Drake Waterfowl makes a mean product, and this vest is no exception.

Features include a quick-draw slate call pouch, three quick-draw Magnattach striker sleeves, call box pouches, easy-access mesh mouth call pockets, a blood-proof rear game bag, and about 17 other pockets built in, you’re sure to fit any and all gear you have.

It also includes a Magnattach padded rear seat cushion, suited for those long mornings in the timber and sitting waiting for a gobble. This feature is often considered a necessity among turkey hunters.

Retails for $129.99.


Will Primos turkey vest

Designed by Will Primos himself, the Will Primos Turkey Vest is made for tactical hunters, both beginner and expert. Trust us when we say every pocket and every feature is made with precision purpose just for the turkey hunting sport. The quality of this vest is so premiere that there’s no chance of disappointment.

It is LOADED with gear-centric pockets and pouches, textured shoulder straps to grip your gun sling and prevent sliding, a thick seating pad with a strong and durable magnetic attachment, adjustable shoulder straps, and lanyard D-rings to attach any other gear you may have.

Available exclusively in Mossy Oak Bottomland, you’re certain to stay hidden in the timber. 

Retails for $199.99.

Will Primos turkey vest


Finally, just for the kids, the MOSSY OAK YOUTH LONGBEARD TURKEY VEST

Mossy Oak youth longbeard turkey vest

The Mossy Oak Youth Longbeard Turkey Vest is perfect for the little outdoors-obsessed hunter. It has six pockets for their calls, snacks, and even their rock collections. They’ll feel like part of the team in this vest made especially for them.

The vest features a foam, detachable cushion, a full width upper back foam pad, a blood-proof game bag, padded front shoulders, and adjustable straps allowing for a perfectly custom fit for the little hunters. 

Be prepared to have a full-fledged little turkey hunter on your hands with this vest. 

Retails for $59.99


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