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Mr. Fox Turkey Vest

The Mr. Fox Turkey Vest

75 Seasons In The Making

Leather + Bottomland Straps With The Mossy Oak Tree Emblazened
Removable Mouth Call Pouch
Mr. Fox Patch With Quotes

The Limited Edition Mr. Fox Turkey Vest was made to symbolize what it truly means to be a gamekeeper. Inspired by Mr. Fox's desire to ensure the survival of wild turkeys in America, this vest is more than just a vest. It's a way of life.

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Details + Features

  • Made With Fit + Comfort In Mind
    Made With Fit + Comfort In Mind
    • Leather Shoulder Straps w/ Suede Underside
    • Adjustable Front Straps + Side Straps
    • Quick Release Buckles
    • Suspension Support Strap
    • Air Mesh Pads
    • Large 3" Foam Cushion w/ Quick Release Buckle
  • Featuring Top Quality Call Pockets
    Featuring Top Quality Call Pockets
    • Leather Anti-Microbial Mouth Call Pocket w/ Lanyard & D-rings
    • Striker Pocket w/ Magnetic Closure (3)
    • Striker Conditioner Pocket
    • Box Call Pocket
    • Box Call Chalk Pocket
    • Locator Call Pockets w/ Magnetic Closure & D-rings (2)
    • Internal Box Call Pocket
  • Sturdy Gear Pockets + Other Features
    Sturdy Gear Pockets + Other Features
    • Front Zippered Storage Pocket
    • Internal Waterproof Pocket (2)
    • Internal Accessory Pocket
    • Internal Accessory Pocket w/ Shell Loops
    • Two Large Rear General Storage Pockets

"The good that men do will live long after they are gone."

Mr. Fox collage

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