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PSE Stiletto

Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

It’s getting to be that time of year when game cameras are capturing pictures of big bucks and we are getting our bows ready for opening weekend. PSE has joined the archery market producing a bow designed for women. Much like the rest of the PSE lineup, speed is a huge characteristic of the Stiletto. The Stiletto is a high-end bow designed for female hunters. Featuring one of PSEs smoothest drawing cams, the Stiletto has a lot of features to offer female archers without compromising quality and innovation.

The Stiletto delivers maximum speed and performance that women need in a bow. This bow has a light mass weight platform and is designed to get maximum speed with incredible accuracy at shorter draw lengths and lighter poundage.  The Stiletto is a compact 29 ¾” axle-to-axle design that uses the Mini EVO Cam with posi-lock inner-cam for ½” draw length adjustments without modules down to 23” draw lengths. The result is a women’s bow that produces 320 fps at a 27 ½” draw.  That is smoking fast for such a short draw length that will take down most animals in North America.

PSEStilettoThe Stiletto offers the same finish choices as the rest of the PSE proline lineup with several options to choose from. The first option is the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity covering the riser and limbs. The second finish option features Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity limbs and a black riser. The third option is pink (shown). 

The Stiletto riser features strategically placed cutouts designed to eliminate extra mass and vibration while maintaining strength and performance. The tuning marks offer shooters a visual to make sure the arrow is properly tuned with the center of the string. A Vibracheck string stop is mounted to the rear of the riser to help eliminate residual string vibration. The front of the riser also features a hole for a front mounting stabilizer for those wanting additional counter weight on the front of their rig.

A feature that I love with other PSE bows is their grip. This year PSE offered the Raptor grip, which is featured on the Stiletto. The Raptor grip is a fully machined grip that is part of the riser. It features a black rubber side grip with finger contours. The Raptor grip is designed to be a little bigger than the BEST grip, while still being small enough to comfortably fit in the shooters hand in a place that will eliminate hand torque caused by thicker grips. Shooters should be able to adjust to this grip since it is only a little thicker than thin grips and only a little thinner than thicker grips. 

PSE chose the smooth drawing Mini EVO Hybrid Cam for the Stiletto. The cam is a smaller version of the popular EVO Hybrid cam, which is specifically designed for short draw shooters. This cam is also used on other proline bows offered in the PSE proline series. The Mini EVO Hybrid cam is adjustable from 22.5-27 inches without cams, modules, or a bow press. The cam powers the Stiletto to IBO speeds of up to 320 feet per second, which is blazing fast for such a smooth draw.

PSE Stiletto comes equipped with Vibracheck silencers. The limb installed hush kit works to eliminate vibration-causing noise. The Vibracheck string stop stops the forward moving string travel. Combined with the rubber dampener and being directly in line with the front mounting stabilizer hole, the bow is very quiet and shock free.

The Stiletto proves to be a great option in the limited number of bows designed for female archers and bowhunters. The growing population of women wanting to bowhunt deserves a bow that is designed specifically for them. An amazingly smooth draw cycle and very impressive speeds are part of the Stiletto profile.  To learn more about the Stiletto go to

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