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Gear Spotlight: Grizzly Coolers

Provided by: Brian Stephens |


I have had the opportunity to review a lot of products over the years.  Many of these reviews have included a variety of coolers both soft-sided and hard-sided premium coolers. This review will be on the Grizzly 40 cooler with the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern. As I started this review, to be transparent, I was not sure what to expect. The first question I had was, “How is this cooler any different from some of the other hard-sided premium coolers on the market?” As I dug into it, I quickly saw why these Grizzly coolers are getting a lot of press as the “Outdoor Everything Premium Cooler.”

Let’s start with Grizzly as a company. The Grizzly name is more than just a metaphor for their coolers; they have attained a Bear Proof Certification. Grizzly coolers are able to stay sealed after being attacked by bears for over an hour. Grizzly puts their Coolers through strict IGBC Bear Resistance testing to make sure that your products are kept safe, and the animals are kept safe as well. 

These coolers are American made and designed to be a rugged piece of equipment for not only extreme hunting enthusiasts but for many outdoor activities with a lifetime warranty. It seems to stem from the Grizzly Team that represents a variety of outdoor passions from hunting, fishing, extreme motor sports, and camping. They know what it takes to design an effective cooler for those activities that could be for a weekend or for extended periods of time.  

We have all used the old traditional coolers in the past that look like they will hold ice and do the job. We quickly come to realize they cannot take any kind of abuse and do not hold ice for long periods. Why is that? It really comes down to the design and features of the cooler with the outdoors person in mind. A few of these key features that separate a highly functional cooler from an average, go to the ball field cooler, in my opinion, are:

  • Construction & Insulation
  • Hinges
  • Drain Plug and Drain Channels
  • Latches & Handles
  • Rubber Gaskets for a good seal

GrizzlyCoolers_llOne of the first things I noticed was just how durable the Grizzly 40 was built.  It is made from a Roto Tough molded construction with an insulated rugged lid and Eco-Mate foam.  By utilizing this process, Grizzly makes coolers that can keep ice for 19 days (Grizzly 400) and bears out for a lifetime. The Grizzly 40 that I am reviewing retains ice for 6 days and 5 hours.  The rotomolding process makes sure that each part of the cooler has a consistant wall thickness and is free of imperfections.  

Next, the Grizzly 40 has molded-in hinges with stainless steel pins, ensuring hinges do not rust.  It also has a 2-inch drain plug making it really easy to drain the cooler.  It also has full length drain channels (2.25-degree drain channel) for complete draining.  These are two features that are not built into many of the other premium style coolers.  If you are on salt water like we are during the summer months, these are critical features we need in a cooler.

To me, a few of the most important features outside of the material of the cooler, are the latches that keep the cooler closed and the rubber seal around the lid.  This is one of the biggest reasons why many of the traditional coolers don’t keep ice for long periods of time.  Grizzly uses a high-quality rubber seal on the lid to ensure tightest seal possible. The Grizzly 40 and other Grizzly coolers have BEARCLAW Latches (mold-in brass insert latching system) that ensures a secure grip even in toughest situations.  I tested the cooler by throwing it off the back of a truck going 40 mph.  The cooler rolled over and over on the ground with no damage and was still latched when I picked it up.  

GrizzlyCoolers2_llAnother important feature to the Grizzly coolers are the two styles of handles on the cooler.  You can choose from molded-in, heavy-duty handles or the rope handles with a nylon sleeved rubber handle.  I do like this feature more than other premium coolers that have a shorter rope handle.  I found that when two people are carrying the cooler, it is easier with longer handles.

Grizzly coolers come in a variety of sizes and colors that keep ice for varying lengths of time. I have used a number of different types of coolers that are good coolers. As I learned more about the other coolers Grizzly makes, it was clear they have taken the time to produce a cooler for virtually any outdoor activity in multiple sizes to meet your outdoor needs. More so than any other hard-sided premium cooler I have seen or used. Below are a few examples of the ice retention times for some of the more popular Grizzly coolers:

  • Grizzly 400 – 19 Days, 10 Hours
  • Grizzly 150 – 11 Days, 4 Hours
  • Grizzly 60 – 9 Days, 6 Hours
  • Grizzly 16 - 4 Days, 5 Hours

I recently went on a mountain mule deer hunt in Arizona. Great outfitter, but I was amazed he was still using a traditional style cooler for the camp.  The latches were broken and it was beat up!  After the third day, the ice was almost gone and that is a problem.  He got an ear full from me about needing to get new hard-sided cooler that would solve a lot of his food and ice problems after the fourth or fifth day of the hunts.  

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Grizzly 40 in Break-Up Infinity. You can also get the Grizzly 16, 40, and 60 in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Shadow Grass Blades and Treestand patterns. Grizzly also offers the ability to customize their coolers to match your style and preference. The Grizzly 16, 60, 150, and 400 coolers can all be custom designed with whichever color you would like for the cooler body and lid. They can also print logos onto the lids, which is perfect for advertising your company logo, team logo, or your own design.  This again is a unique feature to Grizzly coolers unlike many of the other premium style coolers on the market.

There are several effective premium coolers on the market today to choose from. Grizzly has seemed to figure out how to produce a great balance of durability and performance that is expected in an affordable, premium cooler that has a number of unique features to their coolers versus other coolers on the market. To learn more about all the Grizzly coolers go to

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