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Drake Wingshooter's Shell Bag and Cooler

Provided by: Brian Stephens |


You know, one of the things I remember as a teenager was how much I loved to dove hunt.  I remember getting set up on the corner of a field down in central Florida on our ranch with my old Browning 20-gauge shotgun and two boxes of shells.  I would just put the boxes of shells on the ground, shoot and load them as fast as I could.  I always enjoyed those hunts because they were action packed.  A piece of gear that would have been so appreciated during all those dove hunts is the Drake Shooter’s Shell Boss Bag in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades.

The Drake Shooter’s Shell Boss Bag could be a wingshooter’s best friend based on all the features and functionality it has.  It has everything a wingshooter needs in one convenient package - a shell bag, a soft-sided cooler, and a game bag.  It’s perfect for a day of dove hunting no matter where you are.  This bag has it all!

The Shell Boss compartment holds up to six boxes of shotgun shells and has a quick-access hatch for fast shell retrieval.  The central cooler section of the bag stores up to 12 cans or bottles plus ice.  This would have been really nice to have on those dove hunts down in central Florida or south Georgia on those hot days.  Having my shells and bottles of water all right there in one place is perfect.  Drake also included another quick-access hatch on top of the cooler for easy access to your drinks without unzipping the top.   

The game bag will hold a limit of doves or your spent shotgun shells. The game bag is made of PVC-coated mesh for durability and easy cleaning.  When your hunt is over and most likely you have gone through most of your shells.  You can load your doves in the detachable shell case/gamebag and take it back to your truck.  Once you are done, you can dump the ice, remove the game bag and take out the doves.  Then clean it for your next hunt.  It is that simple.

The Shell Boss Bag is made from a rugged HD2 or Heavy Duty Hydro Durance material allowing it to withstand some tough conditions.  This bag can be thrown in the back of a truck or ATV or tossed on the ground and not miss a beat. There is an adjustable padded shoulder strap and ammo organizer compartment making it easy to access your shotgun shells.  This is nice if you are walking across the field carrying a shooting stool or chair, shotgun and bag.  Just throw the shoulder strap over your shoulder and it allows you to deal with these other items.  No more shells spread out all over the ground or having to search for them in your vest.  They are all right there in one place.  The bag is 10.25" wide  x 13" tall x 11" deep, making it a spacious bag that is easy to transport from your truck to the field.

Another nice feature on the side of the Shell Boss is a zipper pocket that has space for your hunting license, cellphone, keys or other items you want stored away and safe.  Finally, the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern blends in perfectly with its surroundings around the dove field, ensuring it goes unnoticed by doves flying overhead.  

Overall, the Drake Shell Boss bag in Blades is a no brainer for those upcoming dove hunts.  You have all the items you will need in one place from your shells to a bag for harvested doves and cooler that will hold 12 cans or bottles plus ice, allowing you to stay on the dove field for long periods of time. Additionally, the fact that it is made from a Heavy Duty Hydro Durance material ensures it can take a beating and be easily cleaned at the end of each hunt.  

The Shell Boss Bag also comes in Mossy Oak Shadow Branch and Bottomland. Check them out here. 

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