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Tungsten: Changing the Way You Fish

Tristen Turley

bass fishing with tungsten

When doing a job, there are always certain tools that make work either easier or more efficient. For me, tungsten is one of the most helpful tools while either competing in tournaments or fishing for fun.

Everyone who’s ever fished has used lead weights, and yes, they catch fish. But when my rig is paired with a tungsten weight, it seems as though my effectiveness goes through the roof. Tungsten is a denser metal when compared to lead or brass, meaning you can get the same amount of weight in a smaller package. This allows me to trick a few more fish into biting, because they don’t see or feel the bulky weight.
Another thing I like about tungsten is the amount of sensitivity it provides. Since it is so dense, I’m able to feel every piece of structure on the bottom; whether it be a stump or rock, you can feel exactly what it is with a tungsten weight. This is extremely beneficial when trying to figure out what kind of structure fish are holding on and determining where you need to fish.

I’m lucky enough to work with the best tungsten manufacturer on the planet; WOO! Tungsten. This company takes pride in producing the best, most durable weights and products fishermen can buy.
WOO! Tungsten CEO Aaron Anders states, “What separates our tungsten weights from others available is our weights have some of the toughest paint on the market. We know tungsten is expensive and we want to deliver the best product possible to our customers.”

Overall, tungsten allows me to catch more fish. Yes, it is expensive, but when you tie it on you can immediately tell the difference. After using a tungsten weight once, odds are you’ll never buy another lead or brass weight again.

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