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Fish Year-Round by Flippin’

Tristen Turley

Tristen Turley big bass

I’ve caught a lot of fish, a lot of different ways, and in a lot of different conditions. However, one of my favorite ways to catch bigger bass is to flip Texas-rigged baits into heavy cover. Flippin’ is a method that can be fished year round and is effective all around the country. When I’m out on a lake, I constantly look for the thickest, nastiest cover, because that’s where some of the bigger fish live.

I’ve learned the hard way that it is crucial to have the stoutest, most reliable gear possible when flipping, to reduce the risk of losing the fish of a lifetime. I choose to flip all of my baits on a Lew’s 7’2” medium heavy TP-1 Black Speed Stick. This is a shorter rod that allows me to maneuver and make short, precise casts while providing enough back bone to drag fish out of cover. I pair this rod with a Lew’s Super Duty wide speed spool reel. This reel has an 8.0:1 gear ratio that allows me to gather line quickly and control the fish rather than let it run with the bait and risk losing fish. The faster you can reel down and control the fish’s movement the more likely you are to weave him out cover. Which is why a high gear ratio reel is necessary.

I spool my rods in Kast King 30-pound braided line. I’m most comfortable using braided line in these situations because it drastically reduces the number of break-offs and headaches. I then put a WOO tungsten weight stop and tungsten weight on my line. A weight-stop and quality tungsten weight completely changed how I fish after using it for the first time. By using a weight-stop, you can control where your weight sits and keep it either pinched closely to the hook or sliding away from the bait to give it different action on the fall. The depth I’m fishing and how pressured the fish are affects what weight I choose to throw. My most frequently used sizes for flippin’ are a 3/8 or a 5/16 ounce WOO tungsten weight.

I generally flip either a creature bait or a worm. Both of these style baits are insanely effective and will produce bites anywhere you throw them. Some of the baits I like to flip are Strike King’s rage bug, an ocho worm, a Lake Fork tackle “flipper,” or if the bite is really tough I’ll throw a Zoom magnum finesse worm. 

Flippin’ is a really fun, yet effective, way to catch fish and best off all it is an excellent way to target bigger fish. Always keep in mind that the stouter your gear is, the more likely you are to put every fish in the boat.

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