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GameKeeper Tip: Fishing a Cold Front

big bass catch

As many anglers know, the scourge of good fishing is a cold front. Any fish, bass, crappie, walleye or pike, can become very difficult to catch after a cold front has passed, sometimes lying lethargic for long periods. Actually, it’s the not the front that causes the slow action, it’s the post-frontal conditions of cold temperatures and clear skies. However, just because they’re less active doesn’t mean they can’t be caught, we just need to change up our presentation a bit. Use smaller baits, slower retrieval speeds and search out heavier cover or dirty or stained water where the increased light penetration won’t make as great a difference. It’s actually good that we have cold fronts, or some of us wouldn’t have an excuse for not catching anything!

For a recreational bass fishing pond to reach its full potential and maintain that peak, it must be managed throughout the year. One major component of managing a fish pond is controlling the fish population.

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