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Drew Benton on Identifying Your Best Bass Baits

baitsprovided by John Phillips

Thirty-two-year-old Mossy Oak Pro Drew Benton from Panama City, Florida, currently ranks No. 40 in the world on He started tournament fishing in 2008, began fishing professionally in 2011 and has earned more than a half million dollars in his fishing career. He’s participated in the Bassmaster Elite Series for five years. To learn more, visit his Facebook page.

Learning the baits you fish best with, anywhere and anytime of the year, is very important. For me, those baits will start with a jig because it’s so versatile that you can fish it in various depths of the water column, from 1 to 40 feet deep. Next, I’ll fish a Bagley’s Pro Sunny B squarebill balsa wood crankbait in a B1 or B2 size. Then, I’ll fish some type of topwater bait like a Bagley’s Pro Sunny B Twin Stem, a walker bait, a buzzbait or a Reflex buzzbait made by Nichols Lures. 

I’ll fish a swimbait in very clear water too, since I believe it catches bass better than any other style of bait in this kind of water. Lastly, my favorite go-to bait is a plastic worm. If I can’t get a bite on any lure I’m fishing, I’m convinced I can pick up a plastic worm and catch a bass. I learned how to bass fish with plastic worms. And bass know that worms are good groceries. I like a plastic worm in the 7 to 10-inch size. If the water is clear, I prefer the green pumpkin color. If I’m fishing in Florida, I’ll be fishing with a junebug-colored worm.

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