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Drew Benton Fits in with Mossy Oak

Drew Benton buck

provided by John Phillips

Drew Benton from Blakeley, Georgia, is fishing his third Bassmasters Classic. He is the newest member of the Mossy Oak Fishing Team.

I look forward to this year’s Classic because I’ll be fishing not only for the sponsors I’ve had but also for Mossy Oak and the Mossy Oak family. However, I’m certainly not a newcomer to Mossy Oak. I’ve been wearing that camouflage since I was 5 years old and started going hunting with my family. In the South, where I hunt, there are a lot of river bottoms, so Mossy Oak has been a great pattern for me. It allows me to get close to game in the terrain that I hunt. It has always been my pattern of choice for hunting. I’m really passionate about the Mossy Oak brand and about the GameKeepers program that Mossy Oak has developed. When I’m not fishing, I’m either hunting or working on the property where I hunt to improve it for wildlife. I’m always doing something in the GameKeeper lifestyle to increase the habitat and the food availability for the animals that I hunt.

When I first started seeking sponsors, Mossy Oak was one of the first companies I wanted to be a part of in a big way. So, when Dustin Whitacre, who is in charge of Mossy Oak’s fishing program, called me to talk about sponsorship, I told him I would send him the same resume and pictures that I’d sent him in 2010, before Mossy Oak even had a fishing program. I feel really honored that I was chosen to represent the Mossy Oak brand on the fishing side of the company.

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