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The Hardest Part of Being a Professional Fisherman for Drew Benton

Drew Benton and son fishingprovided by John Phillips

Drew Benton from Blakeley, Georgia, is fishing his third Bassmasters Classic. He is the newest member of the Mossy Oak Fishing Team.

Amanda and I have a 5-year-old son and another little boy on the way. I just hope our new boy doesn’t arrive during the Classic, and that I’ll be able to be at home before he’s born. Then my wife and I can introduce him to the world together. He’s due on February 28, but because he doesn’t have a calendar, he doesn’t really know when he’s supposed to come. That date is right before I leave for the 2020 Classic. 

I guess the hardest part of being a professional fisherman is being on the road and away from our families so much. Living the lifestyle of a professional fisherman is definitely hard on my wife and family. However, Amanda has taken it all in stride because she knew I was a professional fisherman and had to travel often before we got married. The first year we were married was the first year I started fishing the Tour events. So, she hasn’t known me in any other way than fishing and traveling, because that was my life when we first met. She knows that I fish to pay the bills, and that I don’t know any other kind of life.




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