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Fishing Pattern Fabric is Important for Kevin VanDam

One of the greatest bass fishermen ever is Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Michigan, who has won four Bassmaster Classics, holds seven Angler of the Year titles on the Bassmaster Elite Series circuit, has won more tournaments than can be numbered in the past 27 years and has won more than $6.5 million in tournaments. Today Mossy Oak’s Fishing Team leader, Kevin will be wearing the new Mossy Oak Elements Agua pattern on Huk Performance Apparel this season, outdoor gear that’s made of high-tech materials to prevent sunburn and keep anglers cool and comfortable while fishing. 

kevin vandam elements agua

Kevin VanDam | Mossy Oak Fishing Team

I joined the Mossy Oak team because the company’s value system is very much like my value system. Mossy Oak promotes a sense of family, understands people’s passion for the outdoors -both hunting and fishing - and is committed to conservation and the future of outdoor sports. 

Mossy Oak is also concerned with being a good steward of wild game and fish for the next generation of outdoors people. So, Mossy Oak’s value system lines up with mine. I have two sons, and we hunt and fish together. We’ve always believed that Mossy Oak offers the best camo on the market. When Mossy Oak came to me, and we started talking about a fishing-specific pattern and the fabrics involved, the company’s idea made sense to me. Mossy Oak folks and I have discussed the Elements Agua pattern and the high-tech fishing clothing made with the Elements Agua pattern for more than a year. I’m very excited about being a part of the Elements Agua program from the beginning.

When I began to work with the Mossy Oak staff, I learned they were just what I’d expected them to be – concerned about my interest in a fishing pattern, my family and the future of the outdoors. I also learned that Mossy Oak applies the long-term goals the company has for the future of the outdoors in everything the company does. Since my boys and I have been wearing Mossy Oak for hunting for many years, I’m very excited about the launch of the Elements Agua pattern in the fishing industry. 

The new Elements Agua is far more than a fishing pattern. I’m extremely conscious of protecting my body from the harsh rays of the sun that can and will produce skin cancer in anglers. One of the best-known sun protection clothing companies is Huk, and that company licenses the Elements pattern from Mossy Oak. Huk builds top-end, high-performance fishing clothing. The fabrics used by Huk are lightweight and breathable as well as providing sun protection. So, an angler can be cool and comfortable, while wearing long-sleeved shirts, hoods and face masks, even in the hottest weather. 

A feature I really like is that these garments wash well. If you get fish slime or fish blood on these garments, you won’t have a problem getting that out. Huk also offers the anglers Elements Agua camouflage patterns in several colors. If you’re fishing in very clear water, you’ll blend into the sky and not stand out like a sore thumb. Probably many anglers haven’t thought about blending into their environments like hunters have. In fishing, camouflage isn’t something you absolutely must have. However, anglers are learning the importance of camouflage for many reasons. That’s why I’m excited to be partnered with Mossy Oak Elements and Huk to bring out this new line of clothing and fishing camouflage. 

Elements Agua is the official pattern of B.A.S.S., Major League Fishing, Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournament and the Bassmaster High School Series.

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