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ScentLok Deer Hunting Success Stories

When hunting whitetail and you want to harvest old, mature bucks, you've got to get out there and hunt when you can. Ideally, you want to wait for the perfect conditions - weather, wind, barometric pressure, moon phase - but most people can't do that. when you can only hunt as your schedule allows, having the right products can help you be successful whenever you're able to get in the field.

Rusty McDaniels

Rusty McDaniels trusts ScentLok to aid his hunts. Day 6 of an Oklahoma deer hunt allowed McDaniels to harvest a buck on a January archery hunt in a ground blind. The wind was not cooperating, but he had no choice. Using the complete odor management system from ScentLok, the wind didn't hinder the hunt. McDaniels got his Oklahoma buck. 


Joe White

Joe White was on an Oklahoma late-season whitetail bow hunt. During a late-season hunt, a lot of deer start coming to one location from a lot of directions. On this particular hunt, the deer were staging down in a bowl. In the evening, down in bottoms, there are a lot of thermals. This wasn't an ideal setup, but it was the only place for a ground blind to remain undetetected. According the trail camera, "Captain hook," as this particular buck was named, was coming every day from bedding out into a field. It's like this buck read the game plan and stayed just out of bow range. For the next few days, Captain Hook showed up but never would get into bow range. Without good camo and gear, we never would have gotten that buck. Staying undected with good camo and scent control was crucial. On the fourth night eyeing this buck, I finally got him.



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