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Get a Prescription for Your Specific Hunting Site

with Austin Delano | R&D for BioLogic


Yesterday (Day 4) we looked at extreme plantings for dry-arid terrain and for cold-snowy terrain. However, there are many other products that can be used in between these two types of terrain. There’s such a tremendous amount of green field plantings on the market today. You can get confused as to what green field planting is best for your area and its terrain and soil type. One type of green field planting isn’t ideal for every green field in the United States. For this reason, we have a place on BioLogic’s website of suggestions of what to plant in your area and when to plant that specific crop where you live. The list is food plots by region. Mossy Oak BioLogic has not only created green field plantings for different areas of the country but also gives the time of the year that you should plant each crop in that area for the best results. For instance, if you’re planting perennial clover, we have suggestions on the website when you should plant that clover, so the plants can get established to give you multiple years of usage. This page on our website is called our Planting Guide

Delano5_llBioLogic also has wildlife planting specialists that you can talk to who can answer questions you have about how to plant, when to plant, what to plant, how often to mow, and what combination of wildlife plantings are best for your area. You can reach these specialists at 662-495-9292. We also have a place on our website where you can write and send me a very detailed email. I can help answer any questions you have. If you had a recent soil test, I’d love to have that information. We’d like to know when and where you hunt. For instance, if you live in Illinois, and you only hunt in the late season there, then, we can pick a green field planting good for that time of year and place. 

At Mossy Oak BioLogic we do prescription recommendations for individual landowners, hunting clubs and individuals. The more specific information you can give me, the better I can determine which green field planting will be best for your property. My email address is

Day 4: Green Field Plantings for Extreme Weather

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