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Get Answers for Growing Bigger, Healthier Deer

provided by John Phillips

Bobby Cole is vice president of Mossy Oak BioLogic and GameKeepers. He’s a hunter and can tell you everything you need to know about Mossy Oak BioLogic plantings and how to better manage your lands for wildlife. 

whitetail buck

Today, a trend in the world of deer hunting is instead of large numbers of deer hunters gathering together and leasing or buying large tracts of land, smaller groups of deer hunters are leasing or buying smaller tracts of land and wanting to attract and feed deer there. The size of the property a hunter hunts doesn’t change the type of planting he may want to consider. I recommend someone plant as many supplemental green fields for deer as possible. Whether you have a 1/2- acre or 4 acres that you can plant, you need to use as much of that land as possible to plant green fields. If you only have one, 1/4-acre food plot on 5 acres with a healthy deer herd, that food plot probably won’t last all the way through the deer season. But if you have a food plot that’s an acre or more, that food plot becomes more meaningful, and you’ll see deer travelling to that location to feed on your food plot. 

If you live somewhere and don’t know what to plant, when to plant, or where to plant to have a viable food plot that attracts deer, you can get the answers to those questions at There’s a section of frequently asked questions on the website, and you can learn about the different seed blends we have in each of our BioLogic plantings. BioLogic also has a phone number - 662-495-9292 - that consumers can call, and we try to answer every question they have about food-plot plants and seeds, what areas to consider for a food plot, and what are the best products for your specific needs. 

Another suggestion is that these hunters and landowners consider ordering “GameKeeper Magazine” that only costs $20 a year and comes out quarterly. They’ll find articles in that magazine that teach landowners or lessees about what they can do to increase the available food for deer, and how to improve the habitat on the property they hunt for deer. The magazine also will teach them how, why and what types of trees to plant on this land to produce food for deer every year. They also can read what other hunters and landowners are doing to improve their lands for wildlife. The “GameKeeper Magazine” provides a continuous education program for landowners and deer hunters to further learn how to have more and bigger deer on their properties every year.

To learn more about improving your land for wildlife, planting green fields and knowing when to plant what where, go to, and/or call 662-495-9292. To order “GameKeepers Magazine,” go to GameKeepers Club, and you can join us as a GameKeeper and get our magazine.

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