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Why No Snow Means No Geese at Honey Brake Lodge


I'm often asked, “Do you have snow goose hunts at Honey Brake after the duck season is over like many duck-hunting operations do?” Well, no, we don’t. We don’t promote snow goose hunting. We’re not opposed to it, but because our lodge is so remote, and those snow geese are so unpredictable, we’re not sure we can deliver the type of waterfowl hunting that our hunters will expect. We’re all about having our hunters see a lot of waterfowl and having successful hunts. Some of the properties around us hunt snow geese, and they’ll have out 1,000 to 1,500 snow goose decoys. Even if we put out the same amount of rags and decoys, still the snow geese we’ve been watching coming in for our hunters may get up off the fields that we’ve prepared and fly to another field, perhaps 2 – 3 miles away that has more decoys. If that happens, then we will have disappointed our customers. 

Foggy, rainy mornings are the best conditions for hunting snow geese. If we get up in the morning and know we’re going to have foggy, rainy weather, we may call up some local hunters and say, “This is the day we’re going to hunt snow geese.” Hunting snow geese is much like hunting doves, in that, you can prepare a dove field for a dove hunt, and the afternoon before the hunt you may see thousands of doves coming to a big field. But then when you get up the next morning, only 50 doves may come to the field all day long. Snow geese and doves are two of the most-unpredictable birds in my opinion. More often than not, you'll be disappointed instead of really happy hunting either bird.   

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