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Whistling Wings Free Waterfowl Video Series

Watch 12 Episodes of “Whistling Wings” Any Place, Any Time

Mossy Oak Whistling Wings LogoMossy Oak Productions launched its waterfowl-specific series “Whistling Wings” over 10 years ago. Though no longer on the air, Mossy Oak has re-released this pioneering series on the all-new Waterfowlers and fans can now watch every episode, from any device, completely free. 

There’s no question waterfowlers are a special breed. What drives them to pursue a passion that requires so much work, patience, dedication and effort? Where do they get the grit to remain cold and wet for hours without complaining while knowing that, in most cases, success is a slim chance at best? Perhaps, more than any other pursuit, the experience alone is what sets waterfowling apart. Days spent in the blind with good friends and hot coffee create their own memories.

“Here at Mossy Oak, we share that same passion and look forward to every day we get to spend chasing waterfowl with the people we care about,” said Ben Maki, Sr. Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Mossy Oak. “On those days when we can’t be out there, now we can watch any season of Whistling Wings on” 

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