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Mike Miller Tells about Doubling Down on Ducks and Geese


Editor’s Note: Mike Miller from Canyon City, Colorado, is the Mossy Oak Pro Staff manager for the central flyway for waterfowl. Before duck season starts, he's an elk guide and is an avid outdoorsman year-round.

MikeM3_llWe do a lot of duck hunting in Nebraska, but one of my favorite places to hunt ducks is in Colorado, where I have a pit dug on the edge of a corn field that’s bordered by the Arkansas River. Many times instead of hunting from my pit, I’ll use a camouflage tent blind to hunt ducks on the river and geese in the corn field. Even though I'm a duck and goose guide, I'm also a duck and goose hunter. When I'm not guiding, this is one of my favorite places to hunt. 

In late winter, the amount of flow coming down the Arkansas River is often minimal. We put full-bodied duck decoys on sand bars, we place floating decoys just off the sandbars, and we’ll usually mix-in a few goose decoys to make our spread look more realistic. In an average morning on the river, I’ll usually take more geese than I will ducks. And, if I have both geese and ducks coming, I’ll almost always call to the geese, instead of calling to the ducks. Ducks usually come down the river first, which means we often can get our limit of ducks before the geese start flying. Then, we take our limit of geese. We’ve usually shot numbers of shotgun shells, had a lot of fun and taken good numbers of geese and ducks for a morning hunt. Although we do most of our duck hunting in Nebraska, there's some outstanding duck and goose hunting also available in Colorado. Any time we can double down and get limits of ducks and geese, I don’t care where I'm hunting. 

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