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Spring Beckonings: Bottomland Book Club

Gobblers call and we must go.

Jason Worley

Show me a turkey hunter that doesn't believe a well-told story about an old tom that the teller pursued for multiple seasons, one in which the hunter graced the bird with a title such as "Side Kick," and I'll show you a hunter that spends too much time in search of an "easy one." Some turkeys refuse everything a hunter throws at them, and some turkey hunters refuse to hand them a dose of #6s if they haven't earned the right to administer the medicine. Otha Barham is just one of those hunters, and you will find yourself enthralled by his ability to tell the stories of some multi-season turkeys.

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In his 2013 book, titled “Spring Beckonings, Gobblers call and we must go,” you will not only get well-told stories of turkeys worthy of titles, but you will also find stories of Otha’s hunts with some of the greats in turkey hunting. Names such as Jack Dudley and Earl Mickel grace the pages of this book, and I can only imagine what it was like to chase the grandest of all game birds with these legends of the sport. Barham, a legend in his own right, can tell a story as few can. As an outdoor writer for well over 30 years, he knows the art of turkey hunting and how to write about those hunts. There’s no shortage of stories about chasing turkeys these days, but few can so vividly paint a picture as the author can.

Through his writing, you will get a taste of what makes a true turkey hunter tick. Whether in a triumphant tale about that multi-year bird or the sound thrashing from one that got away, you will find this book a yearly read. One of the aspects of this book that will grab the reader is it isn't just the telling of turkey hunts and how they ended, but the stories of the many people that Barham got to know through his years of chasing wild turkeys. If you have been fortunate enough to partake in this thing called turkey hunting for very long, you will be quick to realize that the people you meet are a vast portion of what makes turkey hunting so great. Even if it only comes once a year, their stories and presence are an ingredient for pure enjoyment. As I have grown older, I, too, have found the relationships that I have formed while chasing this grand bird are ones that I will always hold close. It truly is a brotherhood.

Turkey Hunting History and Literature

If you need a book that will take you to a distant ridge being serenaded by the sound of a gobbler hell-bent on telling the world he is king, look no further. This book will carry you through the cold winter months or a rainy, windy day at camp. You will learn, laugh, and reminisce with this well-written book. You can find it by emailing the author at

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