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Mossy Oak's Obsession with the Wild Turkey

How do brands begin? What inspires their creation? 

Levi Glines wild turkey photo

At Mossy Oak, our inspiration leaves an indelible print, and makes an unmistakable sound. The wild turkey is woven into every inch of Mossy oak fabric ever created from 1986 to today. Our inspiration began with one man's obsession with turkeys over 75 years ago, which he passed on to his family. His son created Mossy Oak to get closer to turkeys and somehow along the way created something so much bigger. Every spring when we enter the woods, we don't measure success by beards and spurs. Instead, we welcome the chance to tap back into what inspired us so many years ago. 

So, to the wild turkey, we thank you. See you this spring.

Fabric of a Brand | A Mossy Oak Short Story

Mossy Oak Toxey Haas family photo

The Mossy Oak Tree









The Wild Turkey



Toxey Haas' First Turkey



Bob Dixon Vest






I Am A Turkey Hunter

Toxey Haas

At Mossy Oak our obsession with turkeys is elemental. All year we wait for that first gobble and then celebrate all the ones that follow. Finally, it’s turkey season!



Cuz Strickland

We're proud to celebrate our true Obsession with the conservation of, the traditions involved with, and the pursuit of the wild turkey. Praise God - Spring is here.



Daniel Haas

Some pursuits mean so much that they become a part of your identity. At Mossy Oak, first and foremost, that means turkey hunting. Praise God springtime is here.




Mossy Oak Store turkey hunting gear

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