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Hunting Gould’s Wild Turkeys in Mexico

Parrey Cremeans | Mossy Oak ProStaff 

gould's wild turkey

In northern California, the company I work for, Just for Hunting, guides for Rio Grande turkeys. The State of California also homes Merriam’s. Our company has a ranch in Mexico, too, where we hunt the Gould’s wild turkey in the late spring. We also have eastern turkeys in California, but they aren’t recognized by the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) as easterns. Although these easterns were stocked, no one followed up on the stocking. Another Mossy Oak Pro works with Just for Hunting and helps us provide an Osceola hunt in Florida. Just for Hunting also just got some property in Wyoming where we can hunt Merriam’s. To say we’re turkeyed-up is an understatement. But Just for Hunting can guide for all five types of turkeys and set up hunts for a turkey slam for those wanting to do that. 

One of the turkeys that many gobbler chasers are reluctant to go after is the Gould’s gobbler, because he primarily lives in Mexico. But getting a shotgun into Mexico is fairly easy. You get a permit before your hunt and include the serial number of your shotgun on the permit. Then when you reach the airport, as long as the serial number on the permit you’ve filled out matches the serial number on your shotgun, then there’s no problem getting your turkey shotgun into Mexico. 

The Gould’s area we hunt in Mexico is about four hours from the airport in the Sierra Madre Mountains. We pick up our hunters at the airport, help them come through customs and load up their gear to head for the ranch. We do a 4-day hunt, including food, lodging and a turkey guide. Most of our clients want to take two Gould’s turkeys during that 4-day hunt. 

One of the main reasons that clients like to go with Just for Hunting is because the company handles all the logistics of getting you and your equipment into the country and getting everything back in the U.S. with your birds. Gould’s turkeys roost in big canyons in the oak and mesquite trees – sometimes not more than 12 feet off the ground. When these turkeys wake up in the morning, they want to wake everyone up with their intense gobbling. We have a very high success rate of hunters filling their tags for Gould’s turkeys. 

Parrey Cremeans of Redding California is a Mossy Oak ProStaff Regional Manager, a position he has held for 10 years. He works as a guide with Just for Hunting in northern California, a company that has been in business since 2004.

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