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Pretzel & Beer Pike Fingers

Brad Fenson

Everyone enjoys chicken fingers or fish fingers. Here is a twist on a favorite: pretzel coated pike. 

pike fingers recipe


  • 2 pounds pike fillets, boneless, skin removed 
  • 4 cups salted pretzels
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 3 Tbsp steak sauce
  • 3 Tbsp beer 
  • Vegetable or peanut oil, or lard

Brad Fenson pikeDirections

  • Place pretzels in a plastic bag or put in a food processor to break into powder and fine crumbs. 
  • In a medium bowl combine eggs, steak sauce, and beer, and beat together with a fork. 
  • Cut pike fillets into 1-inch strips, so they cook up the size of snacking fingers. 
  • Pat fish strips dry, dip into egg mixture and then shake in pretzel powder and crumbs until fully coated. Place coated fingers on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 20 minutes allowing egg mixture to dry and set crumbs to fish pieces. 
  • In a 12-inch Camp Chef cast iron frying pan heat ¼-inch of oil over medium-high heat, add fish fingers and cook for 3 minutes, until golden brown, turning once.

*If you want to try something different, crush up your favorite flavor of nacho chips and substitute for the pretzels.

If you've never fished for pike, learn when pike bite best and when they spawn. This delicious recipe should make you hungry for pike fishing!



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