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Why Jim and Louise Shockey Never Forced Their Children to Go into the Outdoor Industry


Editor’s Note: Jim Shockey has two TV shows on the Outdoor Channel - “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” that has been running for 13 years, and his new show “Uncharted.” Also, he’s been an outfitter in Canada, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and British Columbia for 25 years. 

JimShockey2_llAs mentioned in Day 1, Mossy Oak is about family, and so are Jim and Louise Shockey. They were both so involved with their businesses that you might assume they forced their children to become a part of those businesses, but that didn’t happen. Jim and Louise Shockey provided great educations for their children and set them free to be anything and everything they wanted to be. Branlin Shockey, Jim’s son, is the unseen member of the Shockey family. However, he plays a very-important role in the family business. 

Eva Shockey followed her mother’s career path as a competitive salsa dancer and a dance studio owner. For most of her life, she was the most feminine of women. So, how did she start being in front of and behind the camera on her dad’s TV shows? What are her goals and objectives? Listening to the wisdom of Jim Shockey gives us a deeper insight into what an outdoor family is all about, and how a father puts his children first and his business second, even if the business is the strongest motivation in his life. Most fathers want to have their children follow in their footsteps. In today’s interview with Jim Shockey, you'll understand what makes the Shockey family’s outdoor business so successful, and why both Branlin and Eva Shockey have became a part of Jim’s dream. 

This video contains good advice for all of us on child rearing. The theme of Mossy Oak that life’s about family brings to mind an old saying, “If you love a bird, set it free. If it’s truly your bird, it will come back to you once it has its freedom.” Jim and Louise Shockey set their children free. Watch this video, and see what happened.

Day 1: Jim Shockey - Junk Salesman to Outdoor Entrepreneur 

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