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Jim Shockey Considers His Son Branlin the Amadeus Mozart of the Shockeys


Jim Shockey’s new TV show is “Uncharted.” But from where did the idea for this TV show come, and who is the creative mind behind a hunting outdoor television show that’s about hunting, but also is designed to appeal to the non-hunting community as well as the hunting community? Where and how does the change take place in a family business when the founder of the company begins to take direction from his children? As parents, how do we determine when to direct our children, and when to allow them to direct us? How do you recognize the wisdom of one of your children and help him or her follow his dream the way he visualizes it?  

This week we set out to look inside the mind of Jim Shockey, one of the most-recognized and well-respected entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry. There’s much more to this Mossy Oak pro than just the adventures you see him participating in on television.

JimShockey3_llEvery man who owns his own business struggles with the same set of problems. “How do you put in enough time to create a secure financial future for your family? How do you have enough time left over to be a good husband and father?” From Jim Shockey, we'll learn that there’s a point in time when developing, growing and maintaining your business isn’t nearly as important as helping your children find and follow their dreams. In today’s video, Jim Shockey shows everyone how he’s made his life’s business and family changing decision. 

One very important and often overlooked feature of a great television show and/or a great business is what happens behind the scenes. What’s the story of the people you never see and the work they do to make the show a success? After a hunting show has been shot by the cameramen, the real work begins in the editing studio, the sound studio and in the creative heart of the person who takes all the component parts and meshes them together to produce a great TV show. The producer is much like the conductor of a great orchestra. He must take the work of many musicians playing many parts of the overall song and directs them to make the beautiful music we hear. This was the genius of Amadeus Mozart - a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. Today you'll find out who is the conductor – director – of the Jim Shockey outdoor TV shows. 

Click here to see the video. 

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