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Straight from the Horse’s Mouth with Mossy Oak Pro Staffer of the Year Bill Lewis


I joined the Mossy Oak Pro Staff in the early 2000s before Tim Anderson came on board and created the new Mossy Oak Pro Staff, and I've been working with Mossy Oak ever since then. I do everything I can to help carry the message of Mossy Oak to people who hunt, fish and hike in the outdoors, but also to people who want to know more about the outdoors and outdoor sports. I volunteer to teach bowhunter education. I work actively with the archery-mentoring program sponsored by the State of Nebraska. I am the Scholastic 3-D Archery Program Director for Nebraska. I also serve as the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) state director, and the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) state director. When I compete in archery competitions, I wear my Mossy Oak shooting shirts. I do in-store promotions and teach archery anytime someone needs a Mossy Oak pro to be in their store and teach, coach or give advice to their customers. 

BillLewis_day3I didn’t know anything about the Mossy Oak Pro Staffer of the Year program until D.J. Randolph called me and asked me to send some pictures and a resume of everything I had done this past year. As a Mossy Oak Pro Staffer, I think it’s great that I get to do all the things I like to do, as well as represent Mossy Oak. Until I had to fill out what I had done for Mossy Oak in 2016, I didn’t realize that I had attended over 30 events for Mossy Oak and worked more than 60 days as a representative for Mossy Oak. All I remembered was that I was going to the events and spending my days helping people learn about and enjoy the outdoors, representing Mossy Oak and having a great time. I was doing all the things that I really enjoyed doing. I hadn’t really counted the days or the events. Everything I do for Mossy Oak is the fun stuff I like to do. 

I'm on several other companies’ pro staff teams, but I feel like the Mossy Oak people are my kinfolks. I was born and raised in Mississippi. I moved to Nebraska in 1988. I grew up knowing about Will Primos, Toxey Haas, Ronnie Strickland and Mossy Oak. I graduated in computer science from Mississippi State, just down the road from the Mossy Oak’s home offices. I've been hunting and fishing for 40 years. So, the people at Mossy Oak and Primos are my home boys. I've watched their companies grow and diversify. Because I've been a pro staffer for so long, I’ve just felt like a part of the family. 

When I was asked, “What do you like about being a Mossy Oak Pro Staffer?” My first answer is that I like being a part of more than 1,000 people who represent Mossy Oak nationwide. I also like the recognition I get from being a part of the greatest camouflage company in the world. Like I said earlier, I grew up with Mossy Oak. I guess there is a pride that comes with seeing someone from your state do really well in a sport you love. Back when I was in college, one of the biggest and most enjoyable trips that my buddies and I took was going to the Mossy Oak store in West Point, Mississippi. We never had seen that much camouflage and hunting gear all in one place before. 

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