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Green Fields, Travel Corridors, Little Hunting Pressure and Mossy Oak for Deer


with Mossy Oak’s Mike Magrew

Magrew3_llEditor’s Note: Mike Magrew of O’Fallon, Missouri, is a ProStaffer with Mossy Oak, who loves to hunt big-game animals. 

A few years ago, I was hunting whitetails and went to my stand, while the woods were still dark. Once there, I held out my hand and couldn’t see it. I waited for first light. There was a lot of farm land where I was hunting, but I was in the woods near a food plot. Ten minutes after shooting light, I spotted a buck to my right, moving toward the food plot. The deer wouldn’t allow me a shot on his current trajectory, so I knew I needed to turn him around and get him to come back toward me. I picked-up my grunt call and grunted a few times. The deer turned quickly and started coming straight toward my stand. I was sitting in a small oak tree, wearing Mossy Oak Break-Up. The deer walked right under my stand and started looking for the buck he’d heard grunting. I now had an easy shot, except the buck was facing me. Finally, when the buck realized he couldn’t see any-other bucks, he turned to go back to the food plot. He gave me a good quartering-away shot, and I released the arrow. He only ran a little before he dropped on the edge of the food plot. I shot this buck with a PSE Durango bow. 

This hunt was a surprise. I didn’t know this buck was in the region. I just set my tree stand up on a major travel corridor in an area we didn’t often hunt. We didn’t have many cameras set-up on this farm, so I had no way of knowing the deer was there. But I knew where the food plot was, I knew deer had traveled this corridor before, and I thought this might be a good place to hang a tree stand, because it hadn’t experienced much hunting pressure. I had all the ingredients needed to produce a good buck. Often the places you hunt the least are where you can bet on for the best bucks. This buck scored 125 points.

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