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Craig Morgan Takes a Big 10 Point Buck with a Rifle


Editor’s Note: Although country singer Craig Morgan lives in Tennessee permanently, for much of the year he lives on a bus touring the nation, performing his songs. And, coincidentally, the places he puts on his concert tours generally are within easy access of hunting and fishing. A singer for most of his life, Morgan’s only been singing professionally for 15 years. He’s had 15 top-10 hits on the country chart and three number one-songs, including “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester.” Morgan has been a Mossy Oak Pro for many years, and his TV show “Craig Morgan All-Access Outdoors” appears on the Outdoor Channel. Morgan emphasizes, “My favorite camo pattern has been Mossy Oak Bottomland for years, and I refuse to give it up. I also wear Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and believe it’s a great pattern too.”

I hunt with a rifle as well as a bow. Most of the people I hunt with I’ve hunted with before I had my TV show. Most of the people I hunt with don’t have hunting operations, they just have land where they allow me to hunt and film. I have a friend in Louisiana who invited me to hunt and said he’d been seeing a big buck that was a main-frame 8 point with split G2 tines that made this buck a 10 point. He was a giant of a deer, and my friend told me that was the deer he wanted me to take. The buck came out at 350 yards, and I never will forget the shot. When the bullet hit the buck, he jumped straight up in the air, flipped-over and landed on his back. I was hunting over a clear-cut that had grown-up, and I could see him 350-yards away. I knew I couldn’t get any closer to take a shot. I was shooting a Benelli .300 Win mag. Even today I can close my eyes and see that big buck do a flip in the air. 

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