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Country Singer Craig Morgan Enjoys Hunting with His Children


Editor’s Note: Although country singer Craig Morgan lives in Tennessee permanently, for much of the year he lives on a bus touring the nation, performing his songs. And, coincidentally, the places he puts on his concert tours generally are within easy access of hunting and fishing. A singer for most of his life, Morgan’s only been singing professionally for 15 years. He’s had 15 top-10 hits on the country chart and three number one-songs, including “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester.” Morgan has been a Mossy Oak Pro for many years, and his TV show “Craig Morgan All-Access Outdoors” appears on the Outdoor Channel. Morgan emphasizes, “My favorite camo pattern has been Mossy Oak Bottomland for years, and I refuse to give it up. I also wear Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and believe it’s a great pattern too.”


One of the hunts I’m most proud of was a hunt that we won the Golden Moose award for that’s presented by the Outdoor Channel. I was hunting in Kansas with an outfitter over a sugar-beet field, and I had a 163-inch 8-point buck come in with 16-inch G2 points. We waited, and he walked within 5 feet of my tree stand. The shot was almost straight-down. After the shot, the buck went straight to the ground. At first I thought I had spined him, because he dropped so quickly. Once we climbed down out of the stand and looked at where the arrow had hit him, I had made a perfect heart shot. Since the arrow went through his heart, he dropped where he stood.

Although I’ve taken my share of nice deer and turkeys, my favorite hunts are always when I’m with my children. When someone asks me what hunts I’ve enjoyed the most throughout the years and I remember back over my hunting career, it’s always been the hunts when my children have been with me. I have five children, and four of them still live at home. I’ve been with every one of my children on the hunts where they’ve taken their first turkeys and deer. I have my tour set-up, so that I can hunt almost every day of turkey season. I start my tour in March in Florida, since Florida has one of the first seasons to open for turkeys. I buy a lot of hunting licenses in the spring of the year, because I try to be in different states whenever turkey season arrives in each of them.

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