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Craig Morgan Hunts in the Mornings and Works at Night like Many Americans Do


Editor’s Note: Craig Morgan has been hunting for 35 years, has been on the Mossy Oak Pro Staff for the last 4 years, hosts “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” on the Outdoor Channel and is one of the nation’s top country-music song writers and recording artists. This week we’ll take a closer look at this man who wears the Mossy Oak brand.

When I started doing my TV show, “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,” I hired two cameramen to travel with me almost all the time. So, the TV show was and is being filmed all day long. We’re not really doing anything extra for the TV show that I haven’t been doing all my life. I've always loved to hunt. So, when I started traveling so much and meeting so many outdoors people, I started lining-up hunts for the mornings before my concerts. The TV show enabled me to show people what life was like on the road - hunting in the morning and singing country and western songs at night. We thought if people were interested enough to watch this type show, then we’d continue to do it. The show is really just a cameraman following me through my everyday routine of hunting in the mornings and playing country music at night. So, the viewers get to see the life of someone who loves to hunt, and the life of a country and western singer as we travel the country. The show appears on the Outdoor Channel. Our prime airing is Sunday night, and the show airs two other times during the week. 

CMorgan4_llI've been asked how long I think I can get up before daylight, hunt until midday and then play music until 11:00 pm or 12:00 am. I know I can do it the rest of my life. I'm not really doing anything special. Factory workers and law enforcement officers often work the second or third shifts, get up early in the morning and go hunting until the time comes to go to work. Then, they go to work and work their shifts. They get up the next morning, go hunting, come home, get cleaned up, and go to work. So, I'm not doing anything different or putting in any more hours than any other American worker does during hunting season. Some of those folks have been doing this routine of hunting and going to work for 20, 30, 40 and some even 50 years. I'm just glad that I've got a job that allows me hunt in the mornings and work at night. On “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,” this is what we try to show our viewers. I'm really nothing special, and I hope I can do this forever. 

To learn more about Craig Morgan and his concerts and to see the photos and videos of him in concert, his touring schedule, and him hunting, go to his webpage at or Also, you can check out his Facebook pages at  or or go to Twitter at  

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