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Brenda Valentine: First Lady of Hunting

Brenda Valentine Says Mossy Oak’s Original Bottomland Never Goes Out Of Style 


Editor’s Note: Brenda Valentine, the "First Lady of Hunting" ™ - from Puryear, Tennessee, represents women in the outdoors for the (NWTF) National Wild Turkey Federation and co-hosts Bass Pro Shops' outdoor TV shows on the Outdoor Channel and the Sportsman Channel. She’s been a member of Bass Pro Shops National RedHead Pro Hunting team for 17 years, a Mossy Oak ProStaff member, a pro staffer for Hunter Safety Systems and Orca coolers and a past national archery champion. 

Valentine1_llI’ve been wearing Mossy Oak for at least 10 or 12 years and probably much longer than that. Many years ago, I signed on to be a Mossy Oak ProStaffer, because I liked the company’s value system and the emphasis on family. Mossy Oak’s folks were and still are strong conservationists. They emphasize respecting and taking care of the land. I like the idea that they are all about hunters and are home boys. I feel like I can sit on the front porch and talk about hunting stories with them for hours. They’re people close to the land and the wild critters that live on it. Their outdoors philosophy really fits my philosophy. I felt like I was at home, when I became a part of the Mossy Oak family. 

I like all of Mossy Oak’s patterns, and I use quite a few different Mossy Oak camo patterns. But if I have to pick one as my favorite it’s Bottomland. Most of the Mossy Oak camo that I own is Bottomland, because there isn’t anywhere I hunt that Bottomland doesn’t fit. I wear all the new Mossy Oak patterns, but my favorite old pair of hunting britches and vest are the Bottomland camo. Another pattern that I really like is Mossy Oak Obsession, which is my preferred spring turkey-hunting pattern with its green and the lighter tones in Obsession. Generally, I like to wear Mossy Oak Obsession in the spring and Mossy Oak Bottomland in the fall. When I hunt in the West, I like Mossy Oak Duck Blind. I have a lot of folks ask me, “Brenda, why do you wear a pattern designed for duck hunting, when you hunt in the West?” This pattern is lighter in color, the elements in the pattern are smaller, and to me, they look like sage. I really like to wear it when I’m hunting mule deer and elk. When I’m hunting in the Southeast around home, I can wear Bottomland deer hunting in the morning and Duck Blind in the afternoon.  

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